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Shrinking feet?

that is weird, no i have the same size 5, lol...


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Whoop, well done, smaller feet is one of the things that I am really really looking forward to. Have fun cos I bet a whole new range of shoe shopping possibilities have opened up to you!
I went from a large 6 into a 5, very strange, and also my wrists shrunk too!


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Oh I really hope so. I've been size 8-9 and fingers crossed they'll shrink.
All I want is to be able to wear a really really really nice pair of knee high boots.


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I wore a size 7/8 before, more often an 8.

Now I very rarely need bigger than a 7 and my feet are a lot narrower than they used to be - less weight bearing down on them I should think!


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Oh god I wish my feet would shrink! Im a size 9, and there is such little choice
Although Im a "big girl" I have never had "fat feet" so its not looking hopeful!
would love to have NORMAL feet and choose any shoes i like.


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mine have shrunk!! I've always had wide size 8 feet and shoe shopping was always a hassle.. I've got a couple of pairs of shoes which I bought years ago (impulse buys but too cute to send back to shop!!) which now fit, and a pair that fit perfectly which are now falling off :( gonna try the ever-faithful heel grips in them!!

I'm not sure that I'll actually go down a whole size, but I think my problem now will be not always being able to wear slip on styles, and having to go for styles with something to hold them on my foot, but that's a much smaller problem than having fat feet!!
Yep mine shrank from a 5 to a 3.5, bestest excuse ever for new shoes!!



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3.5 g-ster!! big jump there!

ive gone from a 6 to a 5. never had wide feet, cant understand how theyve got smaller! they look the same to me!


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3.5 g-ster!! big jump there!

ive gone from a 6 to a 5. never had wide feet, cant understand how theyve got smaller! they look the same to me!
you must have had abnormally long heels or something!!!

Deb G

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Yep - lost 6 stone and 1 shoe size! I've never been a size 5 - but I am now! Funny....because I never had 'fat feet' - maybe its cos there's 6 stone less bearing down on them, they don't spread as much anymore??
My feet are the only part of my body that's skinny. Not sure if mine will shrink length wise but you never know. I've got loads of pairs of shoes I loved to buy them cos I could go in any shop and get some unlike clothes where I was restricted to 2/3 shops.
dont get me started on shrinking feet... gggrrr

all my bestest shoes are now unwearable... double ggrrrr

v v v v v v v mad as i LOVE all my pretty slip on kitten heels and now i cant wear them!

need to invest in some good ol' insoles i think.


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