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Shrinking Nicky is shrinking again!!!

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I had started posting on another section of the board, but it is very lonely there, so I thought I would put my new diary here instead:)

Hello to friends old & new.

A bit about me.....I went from 17st 2 down to 11 1/2st on CD & trained to be a CDC (which I love doing). Came off SS & started trying for a baby, I expected to continue losing whilst I was trying, but was very lucky & fell right away.

Katie arrived on 14th March. I started weighing myself on 16/4 & was 15st 9lbs. I faffed around a bit & was 14st 8 on the 10/9 when I returned from my holiday. Since then I have lost another stone & I am now 13st 8.

My plan is to SS until Xmas time when I should hopefully be around 11st to 11 1/2st. I will eat over Xmas (I know some of you would say don't) & then lose the final stone to stone & a half in the new year.

Wish me luck & pop in to see how I am getting on.
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So you are shrinking too. Please keep a diary of your ups and downs. Only really my second day (well 3rd if you count Saturday and a glass of wine) but am very hungry today. I see people are drinking 4 litres of water a day, how is it possible? I hope to lose the same amount as you by Xmas so I hope we can help each other on, along with all the other fabulous people on this site.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi Nicky. Welcome back!

I have re-started CD today, I lost 3 stone the last time, but became too complacent and "cheated" here and there thinking I could get away with it - I didn't!!

I now weigh more than ever and I seriously need to change the way things are.
Everyone on Minimins is fantastic and I always recommend this site to anyone I meet!!!

Good luck with your journey and congratulations on the safe arrival of your Daughter!

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Thanks for your messages. Re the water the more you drink the more you lose & the less likely you are to get constipated. I always say to customers to pace themselves. Pour your water into a big 2l bottle. Ensure you have half (at least) by lunchtime & the other half by a set time (for me on work days it is by the time I leave work). In addition to this I have a pint when I get up & another litre at home. When I am at home I do pint glasses & every time I go into the kitchen I have a big drink (about 1/2 pint) Remember if you have tetra's or bars (once you can have them) you must have extra water.

Mrs V, well done on getting back on it! My motto is once you have done the diet you have to change your old habbits. You must do the maintenance to teach you about portion sizes & what to have, then you must not go back to your old eating habbits. Once my customers have reached their target we talk about ways to keep the weight off, this includes weighing every few days & making sure it does not creep back on, having some clothes & making sure they don't change the way they feel, 5 & 2....5 good days with 2 not so good days, continuing to have 1 CD product a day - with weigh in's every month, following a different "diet" either formal or your own. For most people the do 1 or 2 of these & find it works very well.

I am still managing to stick at it. I now have a new goal as I am going to our works Xmas party on the 18th Dec. It is "dress to impress" & I want to fit back into my beautiful red dress (will try to post a photo later! I have had the dress for about 10 years & have only worn it a handful of times. The last time I wore it was for a friends wedding the day I found out I was pregnant!

Nicky can I ask you, I live in Norway and we do not have the flavour for the water. Do you think it is ok to drink the normal flavoured water zero calories. This would be a great help

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
You can have the zero cal drinks after you are well into ketosis (give it 10 days minimum), check they don't have any citric acid in them. However the zero cal fizzy stuff should be had sparingly & does not count towards your water intake. Try sticking to plain water, personally I don't like the flavourings, so don't feel as if you are missing out (having said that my other half is on 1200 plan & will only have his water with something in it!)

So what is your name, I can't call you Norwegian girl! Are the rest of the products the same? How much do you have to lose - I know you have said you want to lose the same as me by Xmas. Remember one day at a time, one pack at a time... good luck for tomorrow.

Thanks for the advice my name is Julia. I really need to succeed this time and will do with all your support. Well it comes to about 22kg which is 55lbs actually more would be better but have been looking at photos of myself and I look really fab at 80kg which I know is not my target weight. Anyway now I am 41 have decided to take things one thing at a time, if I can lose 14lbs by 1st November I will be happy. I am going to Moscow in November to present a workshop and would like to get into the clothes I bought a year ago. I can still wear them but they are really unattractive. off to bed now I am one hour ahead of the UK.
Thanks for all your support. Will log on tomorrow

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I have had a busy day today & not managed to have enough water yet. I think I will be sloshing it all down in one go & running to the toilet all night.

I did the girls mashed new potato's, skin left on, for their dinner (they had other stuff too!) & it looked lovely. It was good because I did not want to eat it... however I am looking forward to having it at some point in the future! Katie had it with pureed leek & chopped green beans. Ellie had it with tuna in a nice sauce with green beans. It must have been good as they both polished it all off. Then Ellie had 2 apples from our tree. I did have a bite of the first one, but did not swallow, as it was the first apple from the tree, ever, & I wanted to make sure it tasted OK before giving it to her. I will be freezing a load to make sure I can have some once I am eating again.

I have one more customer tonight, a new lady so she will be here for about an hour, then I am going to do some sit up's. I don't do them often enough & I want to tone this post baby tummy of mine.

Catch you all later.
How lovely to get apples of your tree. I hope you direct the new lady to this forum. I have to say that the forum saved me tonight because I was so hungry. Luckily found some bouillon in my cupboard, I have no food in the house other that special k but was at the point of driving down the the store. The posts on the thread were so helpful and stopped me. It is not CD bouillon but I looked at the ingredients and it is only vegetable and has negligible calories in it. How long have you been a CDC? I think it is terrible that we don't have them here. Even Avon is non existant (norwegian laws). I'm going to stick to this, was just thinking about the julebord (Xmas dinner) and would love to look stunning, not stick but curvaceous. I am going to do it. By the way was the apple really nice? How lovely to taste the first apple from the tree, when I lived in the UK we had apple plum and pear trees and it made me so nostalgic to read about your apples. Speak soon and thanks.

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
From what I could tell it was going to be nice, I did not want to give it to her if it turned out to be more of a cooking apple. It must have been very good as she asked for a second one. When I was growing up my folks had the whole range, apples, pears, plums, rhubarb, strawberries, rasberries...I could go on. We landscaped our garden a couple of years ago & I bought 3 miniature trees that grow full size fruit, one was i a pot & all the fruit fell off, one was in an area where our dog wees & the whole tree has died, but this one has so much fruit on it!!! Reading back through it sounds as if we have a whold garden of dead stuff - we don't the only 2 things that have not grown are the 2 apple trees!

I have been a CDC for about 17 months. Don't you have any CDC's? How do you get your stuff - do you get it when you come home? I love it, after having my 1st daughter I went back to work part time (2 1/2 days) & this fitted in so well. I have just gone back after daughter no2 & managed to go back just 2 days (7:45 till 5:00). It is great as I see people evenings & daytime. First time I meet people I do it in the eve whilst the children are in bed & after that they are welcome to come in the day. It is so great knowing I am helping people do something that most of them have tried to do for years.

I am off to swimming lessons tomorrow. Katie goes in first (with Ellie in the pram) then they swap. I end up looking like a prune as I am in the water for an hour. We have a quick change over in the middle, luckily Ellie can get herself undressed now so I only have to worry about getting Katie dry & dressed! Then we are lunching in the leisure centre coffee bar (bar & black coffee for me!) & then going out to a soft play area for a couple of hours with some friends.

I direct most of my customers here & I think they get some great help from comming to the boards.

Bye for now
Morning Nicky, no we don't have CDC here but you can buy CD in the chemist, health shops or our equivalent of Boots. It is cheaper than in the UK about £15 for a 5 day supply. The instructions say that you can only be on sole source for 3 weeks without the consent of your doctor (then you do a combined course with a meal between 250 and 400cal) It says that the government recommend that a maximum of 12-16 weeks on the course. So I think it is more or less the same as in the UK. Because we don't have weightwatcher meals or anything like that some of the recommended 200cal and 400cal meals are hilarious.
To make you laugh:
3 ryvita with low fat cheese decorated with cucumber
1 slice of bread with some prawns and 1ss of mayonaise
400cal meals
2 spoons of tomato soup with macaroni and an egg in it (YUM!)
1 piece of cod, 1 boiled potato, cooked carrots and broccoli.
I know the recipes on this site are much more exciting.
Well I have friends over on Friday night and I have to disguise the fact I am on this diet. I will make "snacks" thought of some dips and bits of veggies for dipping etc. I will put crips out and some little mini pizzas. Will it be ok for me to eat some cucumber and celery then they won't have a clue I am dieting? Also I thought of serving g and t to them, this way I can disguise my fizzy water. I don't want any of my friends or colleagues to know that I am doing this because that puts the pressure on.
Have a wonderful day today it sounds lovely and your children sound delightful.
Hi Julia,That really is a good idea about the G & T's and the fizzy water!

I don't want too many of my family or friends to know that I am doing this either, as they will make a fuss over the fact that I am not eating - like they did the last time.

Have a good day all!!!

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Just logged on, I hope your Friday went well. Did you manage to hide it? It is funny how people react - we did not see my inlaws all the time I was losing weight & when we did she did not say anything till the following day & then it was a somehing & nothing comment, nothing in line with a 5 1/2st loss!

We went to choose some photo's today from a photo shoot we had done last Friday, we blew our budget but the photo's were fab! I just want to cxollect them now & have them up, but that will be another 4 to 5 weeks.

I have had another good day on the diet, not had enough water yet. OH is cooking sausage casserole which smells wonderful. I said how nice it smells, but how good it will feel to be 11 1/2st or less by Xmas.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
Hi Nicky.

Well, just had the weekend from Hell. Hubby came home, after being away all week. Friday night he ate a chinese meal (thankfully I went out!), Saturday he had KFC and in the evening had a large donner kebab and chips. To top it all of on Sunday, he had another KFC and a 1/2 pound burger and cheese for his tea!!!!
All of which I sat through whilst he ate them noisily in front of me....the word divorce crossed my mind a few times!!!! (nah, I love him too much!)

Add to that a 22 month old little girl who has started waking up at 4.10 in the morning and its a perfect recipe!!!

The idea of being a slightly slimmer me before Christmas is also appealing and I think this is what kept me motivated through the weekend too!!!!

How are you?

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
What a nightmare Mrs V - did you stick at it though? Remember when you reach your goal weight you will be able to have those treat's (not for every meal though!!!!!). Why do partners just not think? My OH always has to waft his dinner past me!

I lost another 4lbs this week..but I have come down with this silly sore throat & cold that is going round..we will see how this week goes.

It is a nightmare when they go through waking up stages, is she going back to sleep or is that it??? We are lucky we have managed to get our little one into a routine that if we say it is too early she will go back to bed & sleep or if we say it is OK look at books. It is usually 7:00 that one or the other eventually gets up properly.

Good luck all for the week ahead.

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Had a busy day today. I had a couple of customers, then a doctors appointment, then we went to buy DD's bike for her birthday (she is going to be 3 in 2 weeks), had a couple of ladies come to pick up some e-bay stuff (baby items) then had some boring house jobs.

Managed to get my jobs done whilst Katie was sleeing & Ellie was busy playing.

Tonight I had no customers so I did 35mins of excercise. Did some sit up's, then did lots of stuff focussing on my lower body (where I hold all my weight). I feel good about it now & want to try to do it at least 3 times a week....

Hope you are all well.


Staff member
Hi Nicky,

Well done on your 4lbs. off this week.

How's your cold?

Good for you for doing 35 minutes exercise.

I am doing walking myself and some light weights and working my way back to getting fit again. I would love to take up swimming but so far have not mustered up the nerve to put on a swimsuit:eek:

Talking about buying your DD a bike for her birthday I can remember like yesterday when I bought Pierce his first bike!

What age is she?

Love Mini xxx

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Ellie will be 3 on the 24th. She is so excited about having a big girls bike! She is having a party on the 21st for lots of little friends at a soft play area with lunch included then we are going on to an arts and craft place for them to have an hour's worth of drawing, painting & sticking etc.. it is the problem with having an Oct birthday, we just don't have the room at home in the house & you can't rely on the weather!

We went shopping today (how organised am I it was for Xmas presents), we went to the smoothie bar for lunch. Ellie had tuna & onion panini with a fresh smoothie... and I had a sparkling water!!!

We are off to a birthday party in Southampton tomorrow & dropping off some baby e-bay items on the way!

Have a good weekeend all.

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
We went to the party today & I was not tempted by anything! Tonight OH has ordered Indian & though it sounds wonderful & I could easily eat some I won't! I know eating it would not be a good thing & I will feel so much better just watching (I may be naughty & have a sniff!)

Also I have been looking at cake toppers tonight, so looking at lots of lovely cakes! Again I will not have any, I just need to be good till mid Dec when I will join in the Xmas festivities then get back on it in the new year!

Take care all

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