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Shrinking Spangly!

Here it is - this is going to be my diary to keep me on track.

I have always been over weight and made to feel like sh*t because of it. My self esteem has been up and down and I have always put on a front. I've always been popular because I'm always 'happy'...on the outside. I have so many friends who love me and tell me how beautiful I am...yet it's always the nasty comments from other people which stick in my mind.

Over the years I have done diet after diet...losing only to regain. In the past I have been told that no man would like me until I lost the weight - Apparently I am everything a man could want...just in a fat body. I soon figured out that losing weight, just to be accepted by others wasn't going to work. I needed to walk away from the negative people in my life and move on.

I packed my bags and moved to Canada for a year - on my own. My confidence soared and my self esteem followed... I made so many new friends and surrounded myself with people who genuinely loved me for who I was - they didn't care about a number on the scales or the one on the label in my clothes...all they cared about was ME.

I have been back in the UK for a year now and by healthy eating/exercising - I lost 3 stone and 2lbs. On August 10th - I had my false start on the Cambridge Diet.

By 'false start' I mean - since day one, I haven't followed this diet properly. Yes, every week I have gone to my CDC to be weighed, I have bought my packs, I have lost some weight...but also every week I have picked at food, and I haven't lost nearly as much weight as I would have if I had followed the diet 100%.

After my weight last week (Oct 6th) I *thought* I was ready to give it my all...but I wasn't. I was working nights and picked at food still...although not nearly as much as I had been. Then on Tuesday night I collapsed at work...I had the heaviest period I have ever had and the intense pain knocked me out. That was an excuse to eat something...or so I thought at the time. Since then I have been good...I am still in agony with my period, but I have only had my packs and my water.

Today was weigh day and even though I am still on my period - I lost 6lbs. It's now officially the REAL START of me doing CD. No more messing around, no more picking, no more excuses.

I have so much to aim for, but the 2 biggest things happening in the near future....

* 4 weeks today - my boyfriend is coming over for a visit from Canada.
* 11 weeks today - I am moving back to Canada for good.

I know I can do this - for myself.

I'll keep this updated - it will help me stay on track!!

Good luck to everyone else taking a similar journey!!

Much Love ♥ :gen126:
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How exciting!!! Looking forward to hearing about your progress.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Well done for getting back on track!! How exciting to go back to Canada...you won't need any more of an incetive then your Boyfriend coming over too!!!!

Good luck with your journey...we are all here for advice and support.


GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR MOVE TO CANADA AND YOUR FELLA. i know how hard things can be. i too suffer, want a hysterectomy, i have always suffered with totm and terrible pain. by last totm started beg of may and is still going !!!! (nearly 6 months ) i always then tended to just snack and im sure none of this has helped my weight . here goes tho, done a full prep week and this is day one of ss.... and day one of my new slim life.get weighed in an hour.
the people who make nasty comments are ususally the ones that are actually jealous of you, you have something that they havent and i dont mean weight. they are not friends just hangers on ! leave them all behind and move on. you will suceed , just read these threads for lots of advice support and hugs .
Thank you for all the wonderful support. :)

I have just spent an hour looking through the 'success' photos... and it's so inspiring to see that it can actually be done!!

One of my aims - sounds kind of odd... I know I'm not ugly, infact I have even been described as 'hot' haha *blushes*... I have done some modelling - all just for fun, but some of the photos really boost my self esteem. One of my aims is to look in 'real life' the same as I do in my modelling photos...not having to worry about angles, lighting or rolls haha

So, I have decided to use myself as inspiration...I know I can look good, and looking this good now...I'll be super fine when I've lost the weight HAHAHAHAHA (so easy to type, just have to believe it) :p

These are a few photos that were taken August/September 2007 - still 5 stone over weight. I have a long way to go, but I can do it!!

PS. Yes I am very into computer art and design! If anything wants me to make them anything, just let me know.
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You look fantastic. Very best of luck with the diet and all your future plans:)
PS. Yes I am very into computer art and design! If anything wants me to make them anything, just let me know.
I don't suppose you can make me a cleavage like yours can you:p

Hey - you look fab !!

good luck for your weight loss journey AND your move to Canada :)

keep us posted on your progress...and your new life....


debz xx
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well done you

Hi there and well done for losing 6lbs in your first week.
I'll keep looking in to see how you are going.
Good luck and keep it up
You sound JUST like me... I have false started SO many times on this diet, then last week I just thought STOP! And I did! First weigh in, I was 11Ibs down :D

Good luck with your move (back) to Canada. Your photos are brilliant and your friends are right when they tell you how beautiful you are :D

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