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Shrove Tuesday - it's pancake time!


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I will be enjoying the Syn free ones:)

Love them with mullerlight and fresh pineapple.


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OMG Stacey, I'll definitely be trying these- they look awesome and I'm a sweet potato fanatic so already know I'll love them! I've printed out the recipe to take to my class tomorrow too!!X


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I have a recipe for American style buttermilk pancakes which I adore! They will be synned - flour 5.5 syns, buttermilk 1, caster sugar 2 - approx 8.5 syns for 3 yummy pancakes.
I'll have them with blueberries and natural yoghurt.

Shrove Tuesday will be my last indulgence as Lent follows so I may even have some Nutella on one of them!!


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Not really a big pancake lover but I made the SW ones from the wee desserts book which came free with the last magazine and I love them! Really filling + stodgy so 1 or 2 does the trick for breakfast. Might try these for Tuesday :)


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Well Hellie, as my DH is in Australia at the moment - I have got the best tactic for Pancake Day - NO pancakes at all while I am on my own.....

But, DH does love them, so I shall try Stacey's American Style Pancakes when he gets home - but until then my halo will be polished all through Shrove Tuesday, LOL...


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Syn free with lemon and sweetner. Simple is best if you ask me! xxx


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I'm partial to the real thing! I made some SW cake with splenda, the white choc and cranberry "brownie" and all I could taste was splenda! Probably just me but I do like the real deal and just take the extra synnage - wish I could do the splenda thing in desserts!

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After my weekend will be doing Pancake Day on Thursday after WI instead of tomorrow! OH isn't a great fan so may not even bother then either xx


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Wel my mum makes a thing called pancake layer, which is very thin pancakes and she turns them into a lasange and uses them instead of pasta and tops with a v nice but naughty cheese sauce as i hate sweet pancakes. but as its v high in syns me and my OH will probs be having real pancakes filled with spag bol and hexa cheese :D


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For anyone interested, Aldi are selling an electric pancake maker for £15, bought my daughter one for her birthday which is may, but she is the queen of pancakes in our house and is always making them at every opportunity, so the novelty has worn off with me lol. Having lemon filled marangue instead but its on the same theme - eggs and lemon lol.


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I'm on nights all week so going to try and pretend that Pancake Day doesn't exist - I have little willpower when I am tired so no point trying to have just one or two - I would make a pint of batter and eat the lot!