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Sian's weight loss journey! Better late than never! :)


I will be a Princess!
Hello all! :D

After about 14 weeks of keeping a food diary on here I thought it was time for me to venture into the realms of a weight loss blog! :D

I sometimes feel like I focus far too much on food, and I'm forgetting all the other positive aspects of weight loss. If anybody reads this, I'm not promising it will be an interesting read :8855: but at least it will give me an opportunity to focus on things other than food for a while :)

So here's a little bit of info about me...

I'm 25 years old and I live in Pembroke Dock (contrary to popular belief it's actually a nice area! :)). I'm a Chemistry and Biology teacher, with a degree in Biochemistry. As you can tell from that, I must be a little bit mental! :8855: I'm on holiday at the moment, hence me lurking around Minimins all day, lol! Once I'm back in school I'll be a lot busier, so make the most of my random musings now! :D When I'm not teaching and doing work I'm working towards a Masters in Education. I'm starting the second module in October, exciting stuff! Provided I pass that I'll only have one more to go before I get my Masters. Wooooooo! :bliss:

Since starting SW from home nearly 15 weeks ago I've lost just over 2.5 stone, which I'm thrilled with :D I can honestly say that I haven't been this weight since I was a teenager. It's bad that I let myself get to this weight really :eek: but at least I'm finally doing something about it! I have good days and bad days on SW, but luckily the good days outweigh the bad! :) I recently came to the realisation that I need a belt to hold up my jeans - I've still got a beaming grin on my face :D Nothing like needing new clothes to put you in a good mood!

Anyway, I think that's probably long enough for a first post! I hope I get some readers :D If not, I'll just talk to myself (nothing new!)

Sian xxx
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Pea on legs!
Ummm, don't I know you from somewhere?! :D

Yay - another place to lurk and chatter! Welcome to the rather addictive world of blogging!
Hi Sian :wavey:I'll be reading too.
Love the hat by the way.......:cool:


Serial Foodie!
hello sian... welcome to the wittering section :D Well done on the baggy jeans xxx
Hi Sian, Well done on your weight loss so far :happy096: and great NSV with the belt requirement :D I feel great feeling my trousers are slightly looser so really looking forward to "the needing something to hold them up" moment! Looking forward to catching up with your blog as you continue your journey.


I will be a Princess!
Morning readers! :D Ooo, I sound a bit like Sue Pollard in Hi-de-Hi! :8855:

I'm in a bit of a random mood today, wooo! I think it's cabin fever setting in after 3 weeks of holiday :) I don't do well with long holidays. Although when I'm back in school in September I'll be moaning about needing a holiday :8855: Never happy me!

Well, I'm reporting in with a 3lb loss this week, yay! :bliss: I've finally got down into the 15 stone range - that's almost an alien concept for me! Only 3.5lb needed now and I'll have lost 3 stone. Some of you will know I had a very naughty weekend (lots of booze and naughty food), so I almost fell off my scales in shock :eek: Can you imagine the headline - Woman injured in scales tumble! :8855: Hee hee!

Anyway m'lovelies, I'm going to head off. I have lots of school work to do, so I'm going to do my utmost to avoid it for another day ;)

Sian xxx

Seriously though, I'm


I will be a Princess!
Hmmm...I've just eaten 2 chocolate weetabix and now I feel a bit sick :sign0137: Maybe I need to get some normal weetabix and have one of each. Can't be doing with feeling sick after breakfast :)

I don't know what day I'm having yet...need to have a think about what to eat for lunch and supper :) Job for this morning. Yay, my life has a purpose! :D :8855:



Serial Foodie!
well done on the scales sian and especially for cracking into the 15s :D xxx


I will be a Princess!
Afternoon all! Just a quickie from me (oo err! ;)), but I thought I'd report in! I'm a bit sleepy today (my fault for going out until 3am!) so I'm spending some time chillaxing on MM :)

I went out with my usual crew last night (some of the locals from round the village) and I had a couple of really nice compliments! Bless them! So I felt all puffed up like a peacock for the rest of the night, lol! :8855:

It's nice to get compliments though...I think it reminds us all of some of the reasons why we're sticking to this.Or maybe that's just me! :)

Anyways, I'm off to stick some roasties in the oven. Yum yum! :D


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