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sick after ss?

hello all!

ive not seen any posts about it, but did anyone else get terribly ill after being on ss and introducing food? i had a break after 3 weeks and ate a tiny poertion of chicken and i was so sick! i felt faint and had to lay down all night with unbelievable cramps. the next day i was faint and dizzy and got sent home as i couldnt stand up. my mym had a smilar experience...anyone else have this happen and do they know why? my cambridge counsellor had no idea!

ps: this forum is excellent and really helpful!
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You only live once..
Gosh, sounds horrible! :( x
not on CD but i did W8 before and my first taste of food made me very very ill. TBH I put it more down to foodchoice and portion size tha the actual diet.
I haven't stayed on SS for any extended period of time (longest is 2 weeks, per the instructions of Cambridge USA) but I've always noticed that I felt a lot better after eating food.

Usually after a 2 week go at sole source, I feel pretty tired out anyway, so the extra food does make me feel better. Maybe at some point I'll go longer, but with the US version of CD, they want you to be under medical supervision, which I can't afford right now because my wife doesn't have a steady job.
I had the same thing when I was doing Lipotrim and moved onto food, I only had a tiny bit of fish and 2 tablespoons of cabbage and was very ill at 2 in the morning! was faint, sweating and had stomach cramps - funny thing was, there was nothing to be sick with...
Felt terrible the day after but still ate something.. was ok after that. I think if you are without food for a while your body can get used to not having to digest food so when a small amount of food is introduced, it is rejected. I was told by the professionals that there was no reason for it but I am convinced this is what it was.... if you think about those who have eating disorders, if they dont eat it gets to the point where they cant eat as food is rejected - i think it is the same thing...
Hopefully you are feeling better and eating ok now xxxx
Oohh thats not good! I found that when I did Atkins a few years ago.. i gave up and the first thing I ate was an apple... and it didnt stay in my stomach for longer than a minute!

Funnily enough the chocolate I ate afterwards stayed inside *rollseyes*

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