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SICK ! !

Did anyone feel sick when they had their first few shakes..... I have had two today and after both I feel like I am going to be sick (I have not been physically sick) but may sound disgusting can feel it in the back of my throat......

Does this disappear? I am dreading the 3rd and final pack of the day...
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I am on day 3 SSing, and I had a problem on my 1st day as to the shakes felt like they were leaving a coating on my tongue, teeth and back of my throat...

But on day 2 I split my shakes and soups into two and added 200mls of water to each half shake or soup and have them more often, this seems to of remedied it for me... although the amount of water is different for each person... I would probably add a bit more and try that.. maybe split your last shake???

Hope you find a solution, as it is hard if you are dreading your next shake...

Keep up the good work... here's to ketosis...



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It took me just over a week to get used to the drinks.....now I can actually say I enjoy them ....lol.
I always add more water than instructed and use chilled water.
I felt like that, infact I used to gag too, Splitting is a good idea, and adding more water, the concentrated vitamins and minerals is the pack can make you feel queasy too. It does pass, I think the majority on here felt like that at first so please dont worry.
I will give that a go, that is what I though you would say but it's better to hear it.....

I can keep my fingers crossed that is gets better, I am not wasting the money I have spent, I have got to do it.....
Hi when I got to my second week I was sick three times over a week and it wasnt a bug. Also I did gag quite a few times at the beginning actually a few hours after I'd had them. I did persevere and its completely gone now. It almost felt like morning sickness(I panicked for a while!!) I think its like Vicky says it such a high concentraion of vitamins and stuff that it can affect your tummy at first,

Nikki x
Not too sure..... I do not feel like one, just want to go bed but I know I have too...

I had vanilla with a spoon of coffee this morning, then the spicy tomato soup at about 6ish and then not too sure.

I know a couple have said about having chocolate mint hot, so maybe might try that....

I think it is strange at the moment, I do not even feel hungry in the slightest just queasy, posted on my blog to waste time, walked to the shop to buy a women's own mag, hoping I feel ok tomorrow so I can do some college work.


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
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Why don't you have half a pack of choc mint and see how you go, with hot water and whizz it up... if that goes down Ok have the other half before you go to bed...

Hope you get on OK... if you need anything just shout...
The first ever shake I had that I didnt gag on was........................... A hot Choc Mint, OMG, it was like heaven!!! I nearly cried with joy when I had it because I thought at least I have found something I like!!!!!

I remember it well, the other thing for me was choccie tetra, with hot water, or on its own, that was a god send at first too.

After a while it becomes second nature and they all taste lovely, well I say all, tomato is still evil in my book!!!!!
I felt like that too. I always add more water cos I hate thick drinks (hated milkshakes etc as a kid!). I also have the drinks in a huge glass filled with ice and sip away at them. Also - some flavours are better than others and it's just your own taste. I can't face Fruits of the Forest but I think that's because it was my first shake and I had to force it down.
I also felt really queasy but that passed! Some people end up just liking one flavour - my CDC has a girl who buys 21 chicken and mushroom soups !!!!!! Now THAT WOULD make me sick!
well day 2 over with..... Splitting the packs helps, but still the thought of drinking one it yuk yuk yuk.... I think a lot of it could be phychological. managed 1 and half packs so far today, think I am going to try to make a chocolate muffin for tea... How long did it take for you all to slip into ketosis??? Day 3 tomorrow hoping by end of tomorrow these hunger pangs disappear...


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
S: 16st10lb C: 16st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I am in ketosis now, think I was in it yesterday, so anthing from day 3-4 really, but each person is different...

Don't worry you get used to the shakes...

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I have chocmint in am too - I'm not a good am person - naturally get morning nausea at the best of times. I also thought at one point early on that I must be pregnant, but was just the richness (vits&mins) of the shakes. I have to say the tomato one, and I love it now, is probably the most nauseating. If you make them weak like everyone says and split packs, its easier and you will adapt to the taste quickly too.
Best of luck!
Well the vanilla, toffee & walnut, the spicy tom and the chocolate make me feel yuk..... I did not manage all the packs yesterday (naughty me)

But I have just had chicken and mushroom and oh my I wish I had, had all chicken and mushroom, yummie..... sure it's got bits of mushroom in and not just flavouring...

Debating whether I have lovingly slipped into ketosis though, have not felt hungry massively today and have only what I can describe as a mouldy taste in my mouth. (yuk, yuk and yuk)


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It does sound like your in ketosis. Make sure you are drinking enough water as well.

I could only take the sweet flavoured milkshakes at the start and it took months to get to like the soup.

Love Mini xxx

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