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Side affects

Is anyone else having side affects from the vlcd's such as bleeding gums when brushing and of course constipation.
My gums bleed everytime I brush my teeth and have not poo'ed in 3 days. I take a laxative every now and then to get the bowels going but I would expect that would happen with nothing going so nothing to come out. My gums are bleeding I would imagine are becuase of the not eating. Anybody else having these.
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short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
I am so glad you put this thread.. I was thinking about how to word something similar...

definitely the constipation., but I know I am not drinking enough by any stretch. I think the added carbs and proteins in the bars, are a lot greater than I used to have so my bowels and tummy are holding onto them once inside me in case they dont get anymore hehehe.

I have to admit, after using the spices and peppers in the soups in the evenings, it does seem to be .. ermmm.. getting things moving.

This tip is going to sound so so so odd! but bare with me :D
I have a little step, being short.. that I use to reach shelves etc, but I have moved it into the bathroom, and when I feel I have a need to ermm go.. I place it so when I am sat on the loo, I can place my feet on it, this makes your body almost into an upright squat, and is a more natural way of opening the bowels.(going back to caveman time and all that;) ) I found that has helped a lot.

I am trying to avoid a senna as I am a little worried it would speed things up to much and increase any hunger pangs.

My issue, I think is getting my head around the fact I don't need to go more often, what with eating so much less, and the things I am eating being designed to contain the balance of foods my body needs to function, are being used instead of the need to excrete them.:sick0019:

Bleeding gums, a little, maybe they get a little softer with no chewing. I am going to invest in some corsadyl mouthwash, I remember it is rather good for making sure no infection start in the gums, or at least help to treat any minor one that has started.:brushing teeth:

xxx thank you for starting this thread xxx
Short and Gorgeous, you are priceless, I love the little red face on the loo, that is exactly what I look like and then leave disappointed. I am going to give your method a try and see what happens, will probably feel like childbirth but what the hell as long as it helps.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
I swear by my little stool... ( stool stool get it heheh)
But seriously .. it does seem a little like bearing down in childbirth but it works for me heheh xx
Hi all
I suffered/ suffer with constapation too
I have found a very natural method that works for me

psyllium husk capsules
holland n barret sell them
I take 4 inbetween meals with at least a pint of water
2 if you can manage
not with the meals, as they may stop absorbtion

quak I know took dulcoease


Rebel without a calorie
A couple of others....
On the negative side after 4 weeks my hair is starting to fall out. This happened on LL too but not til about week 6. I was hoping by adding a meal in week 4 I might avoid this but it's already started :(
On the positive side my nails are growing quicker. I have them done professionally every 3 weeks but after less than 2 I have gaps between the lovely deep purple polish and my cuticles! There's probably more calcium in the packs than I'm used to as I don't eat cheese or drink milk.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I have hardly any hair left, this cannot happen, going to have to pack it in i think. No, I have hardly any hair anyway and if the rest falls out not a bad thing. Oh and Dietmeow, nice picture.


Are We There Yet?
Sorry if TMI. But I have a mirena coil which means that I usually barely have a ladies day. This time has been over a week :(

That is one side effect i could live without lol

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
I am so sorry I haven't been my active happy regular self today..

For some reason this afternoon and evening, I just seem to be feeling really exhausted but mentally drained as well as physically... it is annoying me as I was so hyper active and happy and joyous this morning..

I have had to wake myself up, I have just slept for about four hours. In order to have a shake, or I would really be in some bother.

I think this might be a warning to me and others starting to make sure we do try to drink enough water... I thinking back only have had a glass today alongside that which goes into a shake.

I can't see how there is any other reason.
I do have a small infection and thought maybe its taking some effort out of my body to fight it, that and mother nature is due, maybe that has something to do with it...

A little worried as I feel that awful, worse than any of my week one struggles...

anyway sorry sorry for moaning and waffling and going on and probabaly not making sense... its like fighting through a fog to type or even think of how to spell :(

hope I am back to normal tomorrow. and sorry for not being around :( hope you all had a great day
Could be hayfever
I want to sleep when I forget to take my antihistamine
Otherwise the only other hay fever pointers are that I have itchy eyes and a slightly runny nose

Pollen count was very high today


Are We There Yet?
aaaww short! I hope you get better soon!

I have booked myself in to have my tattoo on my hand extended. I worried that it would be more painful now Kitty!lol
Was strange having a long, full ladies time. Not used to it. I have had the bleeding gums. But a good toothpaste and mouthwash seems to remedy that.

My last side effect is one I get when I do atkins as well....Crampy legs! Walking upstairs or uphill the cramp kicks in lol

It is all worth it, but a nuisance nevertheless :(

Short, I really hope you are back to full steam soon chick xxx
Ah - Thanks for posting this thread.
Bleeding and painful gums have become a big problem for me. I'm brushing and using loads of mouthwash to try and help, but it has become a regular occurance. As soon as I manage to get rid of one area of pain and inflamation another one starts. Grrrrr.
Glad I'm not alone though - in a nice way - as I know it's the diet that's causing it and not something more sinister.

Thanks again for the post

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