Side Benefit to CD


One thing I have noticed over the past few weeks (apart from the amazing weight loss) is how much better I feel.

All the minor (and major!) aches and pains have gone and I feel I have so much more energy.

I live in the country and yesterday I walked my dog to the next village, over fields which involved several hills there and back. Not so many miles as the crow flies but six weeks ago that would have been absolutely impossible.

The weight loss has a little to do with it, but I am still considered Class 3 Obese so it has to be the 'other stuff'.

My business partner is a Biology Phd and having examined the contents of the CD he reckons it is a combination of the reduction of Carbohydrates and the 'perfect balance' (his words) of vitamins and trace minerals in the diet.

I believe now that, whilst fat is an obvious killer, those nasty carbs, if left unchecked can also do untold damage to our systems.

All I find now is that my legs are so weak after a long walk, but put that down to poor muscle definition after not being used extensivly for so long - and I hope that will improve over time.

Quite an eye opener for one who thought at past middle age, he knew most what there is to know. :D

ps - the poor old dog wonders what the heck has happened!! - it used to be down to my wife to take her out or a shufty round the garden - now she is being dragged around the country by a mad, fat (getting less so) bloke!
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What a great post! Whilst seeing such good weight losses is great, it is nice to hear the other positives.

Jess xx

Percy greenfingers

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Well done. Wish I had a dog....I look after next doors sometimes but he's only a puppy and can't walk far....Keep going

Serena A

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It's great isn't it? My two doggies don't know what's hit them either.

That's interesting about the carbs too, I notice that I never get that mid-afternoon slump now which coincidentally used to follow my usual carb-heavy lunch of a sarnie or jacket spud...


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Interesting post Docmel - I too am finding the benefits of the packets. I even summoned up the energy to start a yoga class (which surprised my hubby no end). Some bits hurt a little, but not as much as I had expected.
I am starting week 11, and my skin is very noticeably better and definately no sign of any hair falling out - at least not yet :eek:


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I don't know what it is either, but I'll with the 'magic potion' idea of whatever's in the sachets! lol

I do feel the same kind of energy - I mean, I'm fighting a flu bug that's going around the office and feel sluggish and a bit achy, but yet still full of energy! (if that makes any sense! lol)

I walk 2mi home from work almost every day, and whereas before CD, i came up with a million excuses to jump on the bus instead, it's as though I have the mental energy to get me out there and walking. And the fact that I can do it at a good clip, convinces me that the sluggish feeling is my body fighting a bug, not the same kind of sluggishness I felt pre-CD.

Here here for the 'magic potion'! (for now anyway, clearly I'll need to figure out how to make my own as I wean off CD eventually! lol)



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I feel the same - the constant tiredness went almost at once and all the ketosis side effects I'd been warned about were just about non-existent compared to how much better I felt for kicking the carbs/sugar I'd loved to binge on before. My head feels clearer and I have more focus and energy, which is a real motivator!!! 13 days in now and still going strong. Not sure if it's the vitamins or the absence of carbs, but either way I am a convert.

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Yep I have lost my 3 o'clock slump! and I feel much brighter, alert and ready to go! I am also sleeping so much better as well, I am waking up far less in the night, and now its only cause I need a wee...from all the water!

I have also noticed that my dedication/willpower what ever it is, is getting stronger...I am seeing the results on the scales and in myself so I HAVE to keep going, and it just doesn't seem to be a problem...say that too me 3 months ago and I would have laughed.

Great thread!