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*sigh* Head against a brick wall?


Just keep swimming
What do you do when your motivation goes astray, or goes away for a few weeks then comes back for a few then goes away again?

I am yoyoing between a few weeks good weight loss and then a few bad and visa versa and its a vicious cycle i cant get myself out of.

I have even got to the point where i think what do i want more, food or a good weight loss and the answer comes up as food. I was so motivated and have done so well so far, and after i have eaten i feel terrible yet when i put it in my mouth i think 'what the hell'. Its fustrating me and i'm not making excuses but i really want to get properly back on track! :)
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Hi Ruth - I understand exactly what youre going through and it has taken me years of losing half a stone then putting it on then losing a stone and then putting it back on to get to the stage where I am now. How about finding a buddy or a regular thread on here. It has worked for me and whenever I have my blips the people on the thread will inspire and motivate me to continue. Perhaps write down why you want to lose weight and the steps you need to take. Remember its the small changes that will lead to the eventual results. A steady loss each week be it 1 pound to even half a pound is good in my opinion as long as its steady and happens each week. Any loss more than a pound is a bonus. Yes it takes a lot longer to get to where you want to get to but at least you dont have to cut everything out. I notice youre following slimming world. Re-look at the programme, plan meals etc and most of all believe it can happen. All the best xoxo


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Hi! The fact that you're posting on here means you haven't give up and you're still on the road to weight loss. There are loads of detours unfortunately, as I have found out, but you will end up where you want to be if you don't throw in the towel.

(Don't take too long though, thin pensioners don't look good!)

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Hi, Ruth! Agreeing with Forever Starting Over. Try to shake up your routine for excitement and renewed interest. Dieting and watching the scales move downward slowly can get really boring over time. Do whatever it takes to liven your process up as often as necessary. Bringing new people into the picture will probably help a lot!

Keep up the awesome work, Ruth!! :bighug:




Just keep swimming
Thankyou for the replies guys! Sorry i havent replied sooner been mad busy! I am getting weighed early tonight as i promised myself once my parties where over i would draw a line under it and carry on but i feel if i wait til my usual weds weigh in then i'll just binge for another 2 days so i draw a line under it tonight and have an extra long week to kick start myself into gear!!!!


Ruth I know what you mean. I think you have to try stay positive and write things down why you want to lose weight in fact anything that keeps you on track


Just keep swimming
Well arent i just brilliant! 9lb on in 4 weeks! At least i have gotten all the parties over and yesterday i started a fresh, i will be slim for summer!