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is she a good friend or could she be jealous at realising you have lost weight and trying to make you feel bad!

Ignore her and next time you see her make sure you have lost another 10 pound lol x x xx

keep going you are doing great x
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Thanks Wobbly :)

I know she didn't mean it nastily and it was just an offhand comment, but it just caught me a little off guard last night. Made me feel a little woeful cause I'd had a bit to drink (Well within my allowance :p )

I'm fine this morning and after a good sleep have re-realised how awesome I am :8855:
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Ah who needs enemies when you have friends eh?
I am glad you have not let this get you down and have realised that you are, in fact, totally awesome :) Just stick with it and soon the same friend will be saying "gosh you look good you've lost weight" :D


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What a sh**ty thing to say. Some people just don't think do they?

You have lost 10lbs, which is awesome. AWESOME! Don't let other people's comments get to you.

Someone I hadn't seen for a while shouted across the street that I'd "got really fat" the other day! Cheeky sod.

People are numpties some times.
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Reminds me of an old Hitchcock film that my Dad watches quite often.
The father in the film says to his daughter ' Barbara, one does not always have to say what one thinks '.
Wish more people would follow this advice.
I have a great t-shirt that I bought off Ebay in England, that says 'Think before you speak ', as I got tired of people telling me stuff that I already know - I have a mirror don't I ???

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