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How do you mean by signs? I used to go to a spiritualist church and don't laugh at this but I passed a message on to a lady there from a dog that had passed away.

The mediums there say, I am capable and I do have the open mind you need to let spirit in, but in all honestly as much as I love watching other people do it, it freaks me out a bit.


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I am really skeptical about anything like this but one incident still has me wondering ...... shortly after my mum died my sister asked me if I'd go to a spiritualist church with her to see if she could get any contact from my mum. I was reluctant but said I'd go with her to keep her company. These spiritualist people went round to everyone, giving readings. One came up to my sister & couldn't get anything. Then she turned to me & said she could tell I was a non-believer (lol how did she guess? was it the 'bored witless' expression on my face?) but that a woman was coming through for me. She told me I had this woman's ring (I was wearing mum's wedding ring on a chain around my neck so it was quite obvious) & when I looked at her, kind of bemused, she said "no, you have two rings of hers" & she was right, I was wearing my mum's engagement ring on my hand.

Still not believing I thanked her & went to go & she said "this woman is saying to me 'tell her about the teddy bear, then she'll believe' ". Now this is weird - when my mum was ill (she had cancer) I bought her a teddy bear. My Mum told me it was the first teddy bear she'd ever owned and she really loved it. It was very precious to her & stayed by her side throughout her illness. She'd even talk to it, bless her.

So, is this evidence of contact, or was the woman a charlatan clutching at straws? I'm not convinced, but can't pass it off entirely.


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My Gran was a big believer in spirits and many years ago went regularly to meetings. Eventually, a spirit child would be waiting for her every time at the bottom of the hill and would walk up with her. She began to find this disturbing because she had never called this spirit, it had just attached itself to her.
She stopped going and told my Mum never to dabble and I feel the same way.
I do believe but think it's too dangerous to dabble.
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I'm a believer, I usually go to the same guy for my card reading. But in the past I have been to card readers/mediums, I remember one my sister went to mentioned John (our grandad) & keeping an open mind just listened until 'he' said she used to play with the companion set when we went; which we did.

Just the other week my friend asked to go to a spiritualist eve at the local pub, which I'm not too keen on but went. Again John came through and the medium told me things only we would know, but what I find odd is my grandad didn't believe in things like this so why would he keep coming through?

I always keep an open mind. But the guy I visit always tells me things which do happen.........spooky


Wishing and hoping!
thanks all this stories are interesting. I have personal expeirences as well with sensations, thoughts which lead to things happening, comfort etc.
Signs can arrange from anything and I am also a believer in angels :)


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I've seen a few spooky things. Some years ago when I still lived at home we had a few weeks where things were flying off the table - but it wasn't scary as they weren't moving aggressively if you know what I mean? For example a full cup of tea flew off the kitchen counter and onto the floor but kept upright and not a single drop spilled out! It just so happened my mum was going to see a medium at a friend's house around the same time this was going on. The spirit was identified as my mum's great uncle, but after the reading all the weird things stopped...

Another thing was a couple of years ago in the house I live in now with my OH. I couldn't sleep one night, at the time life was quite stressful with my grandad in hospital. I went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, as I walked towards the kettle to flick the switch down (I always have water in it) the kettle turned itself on. I felt as if someone was there in the kitchen with me. Some hours later in the morning, my parents phoned me to tell me my grandad had passed away. To this day I believe he was there with me.

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I once held a man's hand whilst he died (I was working in a hospital). I think I felt his spirit leave his body, it was very strange.

I don't think we float around retaining our own personalities though - I think pretty soon after we die we blend in with all the other energy that surrounds us.


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I had to be taken back to theatre after my hysterectomy and I can remember thinking that I was going to die, but I was SO peaceful.
A house we lived in in the Lake District was opposite a cemetry, and the first night I woke up and there was someone standing at the foot of the bed, just checking us out, not frightening at all.
I totally believe in angels and have oracle cards that I consult.
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My dad was very spirtual and used to say we had an angel called michael (they had named him that because my mum wanted a boy and had wanted to name him michael) that looked after us. At first i just thought he was mad, but growing up little things would happen.. and my dad sdaid if i didnt like it, to ask him to stop. So one day i was colouring in our dining room and this tapping was so persitant and i decided to test him. I simply asked him to stop, and it did. After that i began to believe a bit more, .. and about a year later i saw him.. most deffinatly. I was tired and couldnt sleep, so had got the argos catalouge out and sat on our landing where we kept the light on (i slept in the big room with my younger brother and sisters in bunkbeds) and as i got up to go back to bed, i saw a luminous green outline of a man, wearing a hat, he walked towards my brothers top bunk, and then he was gone.

after that i started seeing things all the time, but never like that. I dont really know how to explain.. like.. fine rain? when you can see it but not really, and its all hammering down hard and fast.. well i'd see it like that, except instead of it going in one direction, it would twist and i could clearly make out people.. sometimes two or three. Mainly on the top floor of my mums house, then as i got older i'd see them at school etc. I hated it, my dad said i was special because i could see oras? when i was very little but if i did.. i lost that 'talent' as it where.

after my dad ****ed off and left us (no other way to put it.) My mum fell pregnant with my youngest brother whos now 8.. named michael.

Although i absoloutly detest my dad, he really lost his marbles towards the end (although i will never accept that as an excuse for what he did) he got very sick. in all sences of the word.. but i do believe that he had somthing.. even if it did freak me out.

Once i lost this stone ( it was special, all hard like rock on the outside with white and purple crystals on the inside) i had bought it with my pocket money for mum.(she was really poorly at the time) i was so upset, and he asked me to get a grape from the kitchen. He put it in my hand, and then clasped his over it. he asked me to think real hard about what my crystal looked like.. and then, i could feel it. I opened my hands and it was there. Exactly the same one..

there were other things that happened, that he did.. unexplanable things.. he'd never elaborate, he just said that if i wanted too.. i would understand when im older. guess he meant if i wanted to believe.

Just to make you all think im a little bit more crazy.. when i was born i had a blue stone in my hand, its tiny with little black vein like markings, that make it look like the earth, mum said they had to prise my hand open and there it was. She said the midwifes were amazed, as there was no way it could be in my hand, even if she'd swallowed it.. which she would have known about had she done! again, unexplanable. She put it in a locket for me for my 18th.

so theres my little bit of input.. think what you like! unfortunatly i find it very scary and much to the dissapointment of my mum, i have just ignored it for so long now i very very rarley see or feel things, and when i do i just continue to ignore.

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yep i do, i have dreams. havent for quite sometime but have had quite a few over the years.
i fell out with my mum and hadnt spoke to her for 3 and 1/2 years. then for 2 weeks solid i dreamed about her then after the 2 weeks there was a knock at the door and they told me my mum had died.
another i had was about my dad i hadnt seen him since i was 16 and dreamed he had a heart attack.
i was contacted by my brothers girlfriend at the time saying that he was in hospital diagnosed with lung cancer when he died he had a heart attack.
i dreamed a friend of mine was having a baby girl and she did.
i dreamed. about someone i just met having a motorbike accident and she had over the years ive had hundreds.

after my mum died i had a reading done she told me that a woman was coming through and that i was very much like her. she talked about having jewelery stolen from her and, the woman who took the jewelery was also having an affair with her bf. she told me the lady kept saying sorry over and, over but she didnt know what she was saying sorry for.
well i went to see my mum in the morgue after she died and i broke down as i never got to say goodbye and, never told her i loved her. the reason she was saying sorry was that day i went to see my mum i put my hand on her chest and said sorry.
i once was a sceptic but there is no way that this woman would have know all the things she knew.
my mum had a stroke and there was a carer that was supposed to be looking after her, this woman was wearing my mothers jewelery and had pawned the rest. 4 weeks after the funeral i found out that she was indeed having an affair with my mums boyfriend. its funny this post came up because its the aniversary of her death in 9 days. shes been gone 8 years.
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awwwww thanks hun. they say what doesnt kill you makes you stronger and im a firm believer in that, also karma! she will get hers one day.

fern everyones scared of the un known i would love to be able to do what they do. giving someone the chance that i didnt to say goodbye to loved ones. knowing that my mother wasnt suffering anymore meant everything to me (she had m.s) years before she had us kids used to go dancing with her m8 and the last thing the phsycic said to me was shes met her lost love and shes doing something shes not been able to do in a long time the jive lol. its a great comfort.
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Thats amazing!

On one hand i think i'd love to know things, and see a phsyic ..

but i guess im just scared of what might be said.. i wouldnt want to start seeing things etc again. it took me a long time to make it stop!
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i went into it thinking oh here we go another one talking through her a*se lol and i was blown away and even more so as she rang me and was on the phone for over 2 hours telling me all sorts thats just a snipet of what she said i was laughing and crying it totaly freaked me out i would do it in a heart beat.


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Loving the stories. I'm a sort of believer in these things but I'm too scared to get proof. I believe my nan and cousin visit now and again as sometimes doors close of their own account or something keep dropping on the floor. I usually just laugh and say that's enough now, you've had your fun and it stops. Maybe it's just coincidence?

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