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silling question maybe but - does exercise speed it up

Having done LT before and having no energy I didnt attend much exercise.

I was just wondering if anyone is doing the exercise and notices an improvement.

I am 5 ft and just under 13 stone.

last time on LT I was the same weight.

my weigh loss was

Wk 1 - 8
Wk 2 - 5
Wk 3 - 3
Wk 4 - 3
Wk 5 - 3
Wk 6 - 2
Wk 7 - 4
Wk 8 - 3
Wk 9 - 3
Wk 10 - 3
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addicted to minimins!!
hey nelly..welcome back..
i think it depends on the person.. i think lipotrim says to stick with whatever exercise you were previously doing. But i think if you feel like you want to add in some exercise add in some toning exercises. Id say stay away from the cardio, as our body doesnt have enough calories to burn off. So maybe some walks, light swimming and stretches??

Thats what i think anyway..im sure somebody will be along in a bit who knows some more about it than me..

im plannning on starting swimming in a month or two but thats about all ill do for the first while i think.... good luck xxx


bye bye belly
Im not sure if it does or not, but ive got kinect with dance central and ive been doing that, just 30minutes a day for now until im well into it and might push myself to do one more song on it etc. Even if it doesnt help with the weightloss, it can only be good (for me) to get fitter. Good luck on it :) x
I did swimming with floats to tone more and walking on treadmill with hand weights, exercise bike, sit ups and general toning... I noticed less weight loss when I did less exercise but not much, what I will say is, if your gonna exercise don't do it if you don't feel up to it... I used to go to the gym and if I didn't feel like exercise I just used to fo sauna and jacuzzi, it's just about being sensible...

And of course it's making you healthier and getting you ready for when you start eating, cause at that point you may wanna do more to burn off what your eating, and you will be able to do more then, if you build your fitness level (however slowly) now.
I got a kinect and your body evolved for Christmas. Have had a Wii fit for ages but havn't used much as found it boring. Trying for 30 minutes a day which is killing me!! My thighs are in agony so must be doing me good lol x
Thanks Girls, its good to find out what other people are thinking on it anyway.

Really need it to go well and stay off or I wont fit into my wedding dress in August!!:character00250:
Hi Nelly

I joined the gym 3 weeks ago after 6 weeks on LT and the first week my weightloss was more but what i have noticed more is that I have dropped a dress size in the last 3 weeks but hardly any weight (but did eat 3 days over xmas), so it has definately toned me up.

I think its what best for you

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