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Sily question.....


Finally a size 12!
Ok so this is my 1st SW tea haha, when i went to meeting last night there was a butcher that makes syn free sausuages endorsed by SW so im gonna have 3 of them with syn free chips but my question is can i fry anegg in fry light and it be free??? or should i add it to my syns?? :rolleyes:
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Onwards and downwards!
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Yep, Frylight is freeeee :D


Finally a size 12!
are the sausages free on all plans.ie red,green and ee.what days are you doing?:p
Yeah these are sausagesmade by a local butcher and there endorsed by SW. He comes to the meetings once a month sells burgers as well. 4 flavours of sausages and 2 types of burgers :)

I doing extra easy its easy haha x


Finally a size 12!
dont forget your 1/3rd superfree x how lucky are you ,having a sw friendly butcher that actually goes to your meeting for orders....im soooooo jealous lol.i miss sausages so much :p.
i dont have any sw friendly butchers down here:(
Yeah i might have to have some salad with it would that be superfree?? Not sure how they taste yet haha they might be :jelous:


Yummy Mummy! xx
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Oooooh yummy, enjoy!! Yep salad would count or you can have some fried mushrooms and tomatoes that would be fine as well!

Im working till 1030pm and im STARVING already! x
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the frylight - is it free for so many squirts - or are your supposed to use only one squirt - confusion reigns!
for a 6inch pan, 3-4 squirts are usually enough... but you're not really gonna use like 20 squirts, unless you're making something in a larger quantity, in which case you probably won't be eating it all in one sitting or even on your own and therefore it evens out... if that makes sense? :) X

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