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simon is crafty

I dont think its fixed but I do think that was tactical voting. Noone is getting anywhere near publicity for the show as Jedward are. At this stage I think hes wanting to ensure the viewers keep with it and theres nothing like a bit of controversy to keep peoples attention. Therell be far more publicilty about this shock result than there would be had they been voted off and as far as Simons concerned - theres no such thing as bad publicity


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I'm sorry but I really can't stand another performance by those twins!!! I really wonder what planet they're from!!?? I agree with Starlight, it's all a publicity stunt, they have no talent but as long as something controversial is going on, then the show keeps up its good ratings. Oh well, I guess Jedward are going to win then...

Scouzer. X


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Simon is just getting rid of the good one's so that his acts are kept in.

Can't believe Lucie is gone.


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I always liked Simon until this series of the Xfactor ~ he doesn't care about the acts, he is just a money making machine. It's about column inches, controversy, ratings and money. This show, as tonight proved is no longer about talent. Think I will just stick to Strictly from now on.
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He ain't daft that Simon. I believe Danyl is being set up to win. Loads of bad publicity, then to come back as the under dog. Jedward are creating column inches and the all too lucrative phone calls for his comapny.

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I love John and Edward!
I don't watch this but I get the lowdown from my daughter and she was devastated that Lucy went last night.

"Jedward" are being used as a bit of a publicity tool, they'll go somewhere regardless of whether or not they win, let's face it! They are all over the Teen mags already, I spotted one which had on it's front cover "win a date with Jedward".
Too much coverage before the show is over IMO. I did tell my daughter that it doesn't really matter who wins, the good ones get the contract anyway (in time) and although the winner gets the Christmas number one, it's Simon who coins in the maximum profits!


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I agree with you that this is all about the press coverage.

This series seems to be a mockery of how it was and it's much more controversial than usual. The footage of bickering judges etc is proof of that. It just feels there is a negative air over it all.

Simon is ridiculous. He has said for weeks that Jedward winning this show will be bad for it/him but yet he gives them the chance to stay, knowing (I feel) Jedward will have had more votes.

It's either he knows Lucie was a threat (she's great) to his three and/or he loves the fact the ratings will be up cause of Jedward.

Either way, it's a disgrace that he trod on a young girl with talent to do this. Especially when he said 'I'll base this on THIS performace'. What will she think now? It'll destroy her confidence because she's see it that her talent wasn't enough to beat them...without talent!

That second performance was terrible - the whole 'dancing' and 'singing'. Lucie stood and sang beautifully...hope you're happy Cowell.

Thing is, Jedward fans will now vote in earnest so they probably won't be in the bottom two next week, and those who love the bad reaction to them will vote too.

But Simon has made a mistake - the girls (Danni and Cheryl) will be gunning for his acts now...will he find it as funny if next week it is Jedward and Danyl/Olly/Jamie in the bottom two and Jedward stay with a vote of 3-1 from the panel? Doubt it...

Not saying I want this to be the case, I like Olly and Danyl, but Danni especially will be fuming - she's lost two fab girls with bags of talent and yet Jedward remain...it's a sign of how silly this show has become.
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Simon is paying those girls millions to be on the show. One has also showcased their single. They'll vote the way he wants them to. Or am i just cynical!??
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Got to agree with starlight on this one, its all about publicity. I think at the moment it doesn't really matter if the twins stay in or not, yes there are some much better singers in there, but not really good enough to win, but the twins do have the John Sergent factor for entertainment so keep the viewing figures up. I think they have maybe 1 or 2 weeks life left in them and then we will be down to the final few and the real contest will begin to find the best singer. They all have their niche in the world and I would put them as follows

The twins - Own Childrens telly programe
Olly - Big band swing and rock and roll
Joe - West End Shows
Stacey - Chat show host lol
Daniel - Mouth wash adverts and runner up in the competion after Jamie
Lloyd - Sorry babes, back to keeping a welcome in the hillside in Wales
Jamie - Hair care products - because hes worth it and then winning the competition cos hes wonderfull and sexy and has gorgeous eys

Only in Britain could you get a competion like this eh. Theres hope for me yet as a singer lol.

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