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Siobhans Diary

Hello everyone again, i joined on here 2weeks ago and since then ive been floating in and about, adding comments to everyones threads, starting some of my own and never getting back to them lol.
This time, i have decided to turn over a new leaf and try at least to stay away from the chineese and fishy, so i thought at least if ive got a little space...a diary on here i can come amd de stress whenever i can. + u cant lie to ur diary can u lol

This is my 2nd weigh in, last week i weighed 15st 12lb....i lost 2lb taking me dwn to 15st 10lb....this week i lost 3.5lb so now im sitting on 15st 7lb....the lightest ive been in ages.
Last week i found it hard enough, maybe mon and tues i did ok, but the rest of the week i ate only from the chip shop and chinnese, and i ate mostly at night. it is really hard isnt it, to control what u eat....i think..well for me anyway when u know ur on a diet or trying to loose weight, then its like that big red button saying DONT PRESS DONT PRESS

this week i am going to really give it my all, walk every day or at least 5days, hopefuly go for a swim and stick to the core plan of eating to see how i get on

i will be in touch soon
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Good luck with your weightloss journey!x
thank u to everyone.....i just cant stay away from the chineeses lol went to the OH's parents house tonight for tea and guess what we had.....yep thats right chineese and i enjoyed every min of it lol but it was within my points limit so as long as i dont eat anything else tonight then i should be fine lol
tomorrows another day, and ur right to jst take it one day at a time lol
Hey people, back again for another story....I done really well this week if i do say so my self, i didnt count points i tried to stay with the core, i did have the occasional slip though...its not easy is it??
i lost 6lb this week yeah yeah yeah!!
I dont know how i did, i think wat i have been doing is eating really what i want but chewing my foodreally slowly, therefore im getting full up more easily...also ive found that the drink burn is very low points so i drink that when i fancy something really sweet, instead of pigign out on loadsa munchies lol
ill keep us posted on my progress this week


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WOW 6lbs! that is fantastic! ...........How are you finding Core? .. Im thinking of giving a go after w.i tonight!
Have another fab week! xxx
Hey, i just seem to be popping in and out theese days, ive been working really hard lol
im finding the core, harder than i thought, theres a downside as well as the upside, the downside is that if u are used to eating frequently u get hungry more out of habit i think than than actual hunger, but on the other hand u are allowed more of a variety without counting ur points.....i think this week i will go back to point counting, that way i can save them for a late night snack lol
karen lou bring it on.....ill look forward to the challenge lol
ive got my WI tomorrow, i feel rather bloated tonight like i havent lost anything, im hoping that i will get a result like last week, but dont hink so some how, keep use posted tomorrow
hey hows everyone?? i havent had a chance to get on the computer, let alone this site in ages, lastweek i had 1lb put on, that was due to my lovely monthly coming i think.....well thats what kept me sane.
i had my WI yday, the day i said goodbye to that joyous monthly occasion buti stayed the same.
To be honest, last week was the 1st week i actually kept track of my points, i done exercise 5times as i joined the gym soi was really excited about going to WI, but i stayed the same....i do know that some weeks ur body fluid is higher etc, but it really got me down, as everyone i had met during the week had told me that i was looking really well andid lost so much weight. I dont know if its the fact im doing a little weight training, thats kept my weight the same. I had to get weighed at the gym on thursday, and according to them scales i had lost 1lb, so i was all geared up for at least a 1lb off, im so idsheartened, i had an indian last night and instead of stopping when i was full, i carried on eating i felt so bad lol, really regretting it now though lol.

So does anyone have any similar stories about not losing, or have any idea why the hell i stayed the same weight when i kept track everyday andworked out so much during the week.
I also had points saved everyday for my wee drink at the weekend, inmy head it just doesnt add up.

Karenlou, well done mrs, ur way ahead of me now sob sob, roll on next week where i hope this weeks work is gonna pay off lol xx


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Hiya Karenlou,

I used to do RPM 2 times a week and gym the 3 times for an hour and when i used to get weighed on a Thursday i'd only lost 1/1/5?!

Last time i done ww i wasnt going to the gym i was easily losing 3lbs a week so i put it down to the gym and gaining muscle.

Im now only going to go once a week until i loose some weight then go to tone.

yeah i think that might be a good idea, its so easy when u get s bad wi to slip, as i say this im sitting with a legend burger sitting on my lap, how pathetic.....the only reason i didnt get the meal was i had no change lol

i done an aerobics class tonight, so i plan tomaybe stay away from the weights for a while until ive lost more weight, then start toning up.....im hoping tomorrow is a better day as the way i feel today is terrible, and hope for losing next week is slowly starting to fade, its mad as the weeks im feared of going to get weighed is the weeks i always loose, then the only week i was actually looking fwd to going i stayed the same...ahh so frustrating
im also afraid that as ive got quite a big belly, if i loose weight ill be left with that saggy skin......and i cant afford a tummy tuck lol....im barely srcatching the 5.50 a week for my WI lol.....please post donations to.....lol not that bad....REALLY lol
just back from my wI, well im back since monday lol, last week i stayed the same weight, this week i lost 4lb how happy am i lol, im not 15st anymore, im now 14st 12lb which is the lightest ive been in 6years, and ive only 4lb left to go to beat my september challenge, very proud of meself

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