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Siobhan's Food Diary (Bit Of All Plans!) Please Read & Comment :-)

Monday 4th October

Extra Easy.

Red Seedless Grapes (handful)
500ml water

Jacket potato
Quorn Chilli
Side Salad
Cheddar cheese (28g HEA)

Butterflied Chicken Breast Fillet
New Potatoes
Ketchup (1 syn)

Cup of tea (0.5 syn for milk used), 2 sweeteners.
2 x spoonfuls VFF cottage cheese
Go ahead yoghurt slices - (7,5 syns)
1 x activia vanilla, smaller pot, fat free yog
1/2 a small banana sliced
40g all bran (HEB)

Water for day = 2 litres.
Other drinks = Diet coke

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Tuesday 5th October

Today turned out to be EE too, even though I set out wanting to go red, no worries, though :)

2 x Hard Boiled Eggs
1 x Slice Of W/Meal From 800g Loaf (HEB)
1/2 a Tsp Of Bertolli Light (1 syn)

1/2 Pack Co-op Chicken & Bacon Salad (5 syns)
Cous-Cous, med vegetables & tomato (1 syn)

Snack mid afternoon:
Red seedless grapes
Cup of tea (HEA)

SW Quiche (2 x eggs, 1 x pack of savoury rice, 1/2 a tub of vff cottage cheese)
Topped with 28g of HEA Cheese (halfed my HEA! know everyone has different methods, this is mine!)
Large Side Salad
2 Tbsp Baked Beans

1 x Snack size drifer (4.5 syns)
Cup of coffee (HEA 2 Sweeteners)
Red Seedless Grapes
Wednesday 6th October

Extra Easy
HEA = 350ML skimmed milk
HEB = 40g all bran

1/2 a small banana, sliced
40g all bran
120ml Skimmed milk
Coffee, 2 sweeteners, 20ml skimmed milk.

Snack mid-morning:
Snack-size drifter - 4.5 syns (naughty!)

2 x 150g pieces of cod
1 Baby spoon of garlic dip - 1 syn
Activia, fat free cherry yoghurt

1/3 of a curly wurly (2 syns argh chocolate!)
Coffee (2 sweeteners, 20ml milk)
Grapes (150g)

Chicken & herb low-fat super noodles (1 pack)
150g Quorn chicken style pieces
3 large mushrooms, sliced
Salad & Soy Sauce

Oaty Bar - 4.5 syns
Hot choc made with HEA - 2 syns
Muller light

Total syns: 13.5
Wanted today to be Red but went shopping and got hungry for carbs. xxx

Do you guys think I eat too much? x

Thursday 7th October

Green day :D

HEA = 350ml skimmed milk & 28g half fat cheddar cheese. (Know I can have 42g but too much)
HEB = Oaty Bar (Milk choc) x 2

Oaty Bar
Hot choc (2 syns & HEA1)
Grapes, red, seedless 60g


Hot choc (2 syns & HEA1) (Feeling the urge for chocolate today!!!)
2 spoons of baby chocolate pudding (argh hate having 8mnth old lol) (1 syn)


1/2 a curly wurly (3 syns)
Sugar free boost
5 wotsits (again baby!!!) (1 syn)


Dinner: (cheats cottage pie)
1/2 bag of quorn mince
Beef stock, worcester sauce (0.5 syn)
Mini peas & carrots
Mixed vegetables to go with
1/2 bag of smash (0.5 syn, apparently!)


Evening: (pre planned but might not happen as pretty full)
Hot chocolate using HEA1 (2 syns)
Banana & custard yog & half a large sliced banana

Any input appreciated guys. Felt its better to put little calories like the wotsits etc into the equation as to see where I've gone wrong if I don't get a loss :eek:
I don't think you eat too much at all! xxx
Thanks hun, I've maintained an awful lot but think I'm cheating myself by being OVER bad at weekends! xx
Any input appreciated guys. Felt its better to put little calories like the wotsits etc into the equation as to see where I've gone wrong if I don't get a loss :eek:
Definitely the best thing to do - I will find a story-post thing that just popped to mind and repost on here for you :) x

Thanks hun, I've maintained an awful lot but think I'm cheating myself by being OVER bad at weekends! xx
Ah well we'll soon find out when you post your diaries for Sat & Sun! How bad do you think you go? Is it something you could deduct out of weekly syns either by saving them up before the weekend or cutting back after? xxx
I think its because I've had a baby, too, so things are moving slightly slower he's 8 months just under....So still adjusting I think menstrual cycle still a bit all over etc!!

Going to have a 'good' weekend this weekend, only thing that I'm using syns for is 1.5 for half a trifle & maybe a few vodkas. Going to allow myself 30 syns and actually measure the vodka instead of guessing!!

Does today seem okay to you? I think I prefer green days so going to go 70/30% on them xxx
This is the story of Mrs Ivy Been So Good.
Ivy was really disappointed this week having maintained after ‘such a good week’. She couldn’t understand - her Food Diary was perfect! Ten Syns per day… maximum! Let’s take a closer look at a typical day...
Ivy has her normal breakfast of branflakes, milk and a banana. She tips them into the bowl, and then thinks. ‘I’d better just check the weight of them - I want to get a few pounds off this week!’ She puts them on the scales to find they weigh 1½oz. ‘That’s my first Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice,’ she thinks, taking out the excess and unconsciously popping them in her mouth.
As she puts the milk away she spots an open carton of orange juice and decides to have a small glass whilst making a boiled egg for her daughter’s breakfast. When clearing up the dishes, Ivy spies two left over soldiers. ‘I can’t remember the last time I had REAL butter!’ she thinks, and into her mouth they go!
After breakfast it’s a trip into town shopping. Armed with a Ryvita Luxury Goodness bar, just in case temptation strikes, she sets off.
In WH Smiths, her daughter gets restless in the buggy and Ivy opens her a packet of crisps to keep her quiet. And she ends up testing a couple herself – just for freshness!
Lunchtime comes and the shopping trip is not done yet - there’s still money left on Ivy’s credit card! And as she knows she’ll be a while she decides to grab something from Marks & Spencer’s healthy Count On Us range as ‘it’s bound to be low on Syns!’
Spoilt for choice, Ivy scans the range. She’s already decided to go ‘Original’ today and spots a Hoisin duck sandwich. ‘That’s a great choice… the bread will be my second Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice!’ she thinks. She buys it as a meal deal, along with a diet coke and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps - to eat later.
Later on, Starbucks beckons and Ivy stops for a coffee. ‘No cake for me though!’ she say, savouring the skinny latte she’s treated herself to thanks to her second Healthy ‘a’ choice! – There’s no syrup of course! As she takes the weight off her feet she congratulates herself for not needing the 'emergency' Kellogg's bar whilst out today.
Back at home after shopping, she makes cakes with her daughter. She resists the fairy cakes when they come out of the oven… but CAN’T resist licking the wooden spoon!
She feeds her daughter early – a chicken nugget and two chips remain on the plate – and they don’t go in the bin!
Dinnertime comes – a nice juicy steak, fresh salad and a filling jacket potato. She weighs her 8oz jacket potato which is a Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice and puts a spoonful of Quark in it. A tablespoon of Hellmann’s Light Mayo goes on the salad – ‘only 2½ Syns’! She says, ‘my first today!’
Her hubby prefers mashed potato with his. She wouldn’t dream of eating it herself, but she does just taste it to check it contains the right amount of butter and milk!
Dessert for Ivy is a Müllerlight yogurt. Hubby has sponge pudding and custard. ‘It just doesn’t bother me,’ Ivy says, licking the spoon she used to stir the custard!
By 9.30pm Ivy fancies a ‘little something else’. Remembering the crisps she picked up with the meal deal, she checks the Syn value and finds they’re only 7 Syns. ‘Only 9½ Syns today’ she thinks, ‘that’s a perfect day!
...Or was it?!

How many Syns do you think Ivy really had?
The actual amount is 76½ Syns!
The breakdown:
½ oz branflakes
Orange juice 125ml
Eggy soldiers
4 Syns
Couple of crisps
1 Syn
12½ Syns
(6 Syns can be deducted if using bread as Healthy B)
8½ Syns (Grande from Starbucks)
Cake mixture
4 Syns
Jacket potato
16 Syns (Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice already used
which she forgot!) (2 Syns per oz)
7½ Syns (it was a heaped tablespoon
not level!)
Chicken nugget
3 Syns
2 chips
3 Syns
Spoonful of mash
3 Syns
Spoonful of custard
2 Syns
Packet of crisps
7 Syns

Just to put this into perspective, those 76½Syns are the equivalent of; an average portion of Chicken Tikka Masala, Pilau rice, 1 naan bread, two pints of beer, and two small vegetable samosas! We’d all know if we ate that!
I think its because I've had a baby, too, so things are moving slightly slower he's 8 months just under....So still adjusting I think menstrual cycle still a bit all over etc!!

Going to have a 'good' weekend this weekend, only thing that I'm using syns for is 1.5 for half a trifle & maybe a few vodkas. Going to allow myself 30 syns and actually measure the vodka instead of guessing!!

Does today seem okay to you? I think I prefer green days so going to go 70/30% on them xxx
My niece is about to turn 8 months and my sister's cycle is all over the place too - she doesn't have a period unless she skips one feed, then she starts... manic!

Today seems like it was a good day :) I prefer green too, much like having double the HExs! Measuring your drinks would be a better idea :) If you have it with Diet Coke, will you have less vodka? xxx
Thankyou for that story there, it is ME all over!!!!! Hence today I made a real effort to make sure all the odds and ends were counted which couldve quite easily been ignored!!!

Very easy with a baby to add syns without even realising especially one who's eating potato faces and pizza sticks, ha!!! :eek:

Going to allow an upper level of 15 syns for vodka saturday & 5 for other things ie trifle etc. That way I can have about 7 vodka's & diet cokes, still feel in control and have less guilt sunday (and less of a headache!)

Thankyou for the feedback, I REALLY appreciate it! xxxxxx
08th September 2010

Friday - Green :p

40g all bran (HEB1)
120ml skim milk (part of HEA1)
Half a large banana
Hot choc & 20ml milk (HEA + 2 Syns)


(At a funeral)
1 small biscuit - 2 syns
3 x malibu & diet coke - 7.5 syns
1 x large banana
80g grapes red, seedless.

Snack: Oaty bar (HEB2)


1 x pack low fat super noodles
1/2 pack quorn chicken pieces
soy sauce, mushrooms, 2tbsp vff cottage cheese, Side salad
1 x large flat mushroom grilled & topped with HEA2 2 x laughing cow light


1 x drifter - 4.5 syns
Muller vanilla
Hot choc & HEA1 - 2 syns
Go bananas - 3 syns

Total: 21 syns, exemplary for a Friday, though!!

Last edited:
Aw its okay hun it was my partners uncle, sad times!!
But yeah was pretty impressed with my syn count!
SATURDAY looms, though, allowing 40 of my 105 for this week for it to be safe and NOT sorry.
Thankyou for taking the time to read and comment xxxxxx


Gold Member
It's true we don't realise how quickly the syns add up when you have kids leaving food all over and us wanting to finish it up before throwing it away. I've resorted to giving it to my oldest son instead of me eating it, or just throwing it in the bin. Otherwise if I just keep a packet of crips or something half opened I know that I'll be the one finishing it off. Good luck!
Argggh terrible isnt it?
I've started throwing them away as wasteful as it seems!
Thinking of going to pub with other half for lunch although want to keep syns low for tea later! Making chicken burgers to avoid take-out :) xx


I will be a yummy mummy!
Just having a read through your diary - sounds like you're doing really well - you've had some amazing losses well done!
Sounds like green really suits you. I tend to do a bit of a combo of all plans - green, extra easy, Mix2max and success express. Rarely do red though - I love carbs too much.
Hope you have a lovely pub lunch x

Gonna be super honest now & tell you guys what I ate yesterday :cry::cry::cry::cry:

I hate it, my other half is dieting but weighs quite a bit more than me and still loses after these binges, I'm lucky if I get a maintain on bloody saturday next week!!! :(
My own fault, I know. Honesty is best policy I think.

Was up from 5am with youngin' which did not help whatsoever. Here goes..Don't all cringe at once........

Extra Easy for convienience....

B: 28g porridge, sweetener, banana sliced (heb)
L: Pot noodle (7.5 syns) & 3 slices YES 3 of bread (18 syns) ...and so it begins :rolleyes:
D: chicken breast burger, flamegrilled, actually left most of it tasted like coal but used bread to make a chip-butty, gonna say 15. Diet coke.

Here goes :cry:
3 x oaty bars (13.5) pure greed, this! not buying anymore!!
vodka - around 200ml I'm gonna go for 15 syns, with diet redbull.
Ben & Jerrys - 24 syns

Feel really awful this morning, not even because I ATE the food but because I told myself I wouldn't do it.
I feel sick with it this morning, with absolute dissapointment in myself!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel free to kick my ass guys, I deserve it.

Total syn count: 93..
Yes, you read correctly, 93
I give up.


*slap around the head*

Right, get your book out and copy out a list of superspeed foods. Leave little one with OH and walk to not the nearest, but either the second or third nearest supermarket and stock up on these. They will be your lifeline before your next WI. Don't even THINK about taking a wander down the biscuits aisle, I WILL BE WATCHING. Carry your bags home. Do not, I repeat, do NOT take little one along in a pushchair. Someone can look after him while you get some much needed Body Magic. Carry those bags - if the contents of your trolley look too heavy by the time you get to the checkout, ask nicely if they can mind the bags for you behind the counter and you will be back to pick them up. Perfect way to get two lots of walking.

When you get home, cook up a superspeed soup. Search on here prior to leaving the house so you can get all the right ingredients. Have a bowl atLEAST once a day. Ignore all syn-ful foods lying around the house. So what if that bar of chocolate is about to expire? Got news for ya, it really isn't! It's just the supermarkets trying to convince you to throw it away and go buy another. Leave it for OH to scoff, or set aside a slab for a post-WI treat. Say you put aside 6 chunks of Dairy Milk. Every time you slip up between now and WI, take away a chunk and put it in the bin, give it to OH, melt it into the baby's breakfast (which you are NOT going to be tasting, so stop thinking about it!) - do whatever, just get rid. You will soon stop slipping up!

The weather looks like it is set to be good for the next few days - get lots and lots and lots of fresh air, whether it's ten minutes in the garden or a two hour walk to the park to feed the ducks that horrible horrible white bread!

Drink LOTS of water, lots lots lots: It will only help you. Have it hot, cold, with a slice of lemon, with some NAS squash, every time you walk past the fridge, however you can and whenever you can.

Just don't give up, don't let one night ruin everything. You are a different person to OH, not to mention a different sex. Men can eat like pigs and nothing happens to them - it is unfair. But we work much harder to achieve the results we want, so we appreciate the value of our personal successes. You have lost 52lbs to date - that is AMAZING. You are 2/3 of the way to your target, just remember that. And if you fill your plate up with 2/3 superfree foods for the next few days, you will be reminding yourself of it at every meal. 40 + 93 = 133 syns, yeah? That's 27 syns over your week's limit. I'm sure you can burn 27 x 20 = 540 cals with lots of activity, even while still eating healthily, because Slimming World says you can do it. And I do too, but don't listen to me, listen to your heart! You want to lose, you don't want to be stuck in a rut of -1lb, binge, +4lb, -2lb, binge, +3lb, STS, binge, STS, binge, *argh-WTF-I-GIVE-UP!!!*

:) xxx

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