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Siobhan's road to success (hopefully!!)

hi everyone!!
So I have been doing Slimming World for 5 weeks now and have lost 10.5 lbs woo hoo!!! I am so happy!!
I am worried that I am becoming a Slimming World bore and driving all my friends and family mad with it, so I have decided to come on here and share it with you all instead!

My next goal is to reach the 1 stone mark hopefully next week!
Then I would like to lose another stone by mid April for a big family party. I have always been the biggest in a very large family, so would love to turn up looking amazing!!!

I think these are reasonable targets to aim for, not putting to much pressure on myself!

So wish me luck guys!
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Tis' possible :) Good Luck :D
Well I well and truly fell off the SW wagon today!! Went out for the evening and the only food available was all deep fried! I ended up having cod in batter and the most greasy chips ever! I tried to take most of the batter off, but as I was with people I didn't know, I felt so embarrassed picking at the food! Then when the waiter took my half full plate left he gave me a very dirty look!
But on the plus side, I now feel horrendous after all the grease so I will never crave it again... so long fry ups, deep fried chicken and fish n chips, you won't be missed!


but you can call me Toni!
hi! Welcome! Well done on your losses so far, keep up the good work. Don't worry about tonight - draw a line under it and move on! :)
Well today has been a lot more successful! I was worried that having the week off work would mean that I'm eating all the time, but so far so good! Had two huge salads today for lunch and dinner, and have eaten fruit for my snacks. I'm thinking of making a scan bran chocolate cake as a little reward!

And I can honestly say I will never eat greasy food again. I felt so horrendous last night, I couldn't sleep because my stomach hurt so much! Feeling much better today :)
Well its been a bit of a nightmare week, so I'm not expecting to get on very well at WI tomorrow.
But what has really bugged me is that I have reverted right back to how I was before Slimming World... as soon as something upsets me, I go straight for the food. I have been craving chocolate all weekend and have tried to be good and have Options to curb the craving, but its just not hitting the spot.
I'm hoping next week will be better, but I'll be truly gutted if I put on any weight tomorrow :-(
Thanks Emma. I'm trying to draw a line under it, have just been eating superfree foods with small amounts of pasta to hopefully limit the damage. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!
Shivy84 said:
Thanks Emma. I'm trying to draw a line under it, have just been eating superfree foods with small amounts of pasta to hopefully limit the damage. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!
Gud on ya xx but dont go hungry thats not the point ov sw xx n i know wat u mean wen u say earlier in ur diary about driving friends and family mad im the same hehe its coz its all new and we need to talk to ppl. At work theres 3 ov us dieting togeva so we r always on about it me n my mate r doin sw and my ova friend is ww. But ive got my own diary on here so i dont hav to bore the oh, or as my mum says i taking it to serious!!!!!! Yeah shes all supportive like!!
Ahh well im doing it for me not for anyone else!
Have a gud night will check in on ya tomoz wens wi??
I just had a massive plate of roast veg and chicken, and am stuffed to the gills!

Thanks for the support Emma, WI is tomorrow evening!
Oooohh will be havin a look then xxx im thursday wi cant wait coz ive been 100% this week so hoping its been worth it i only need half a pound for my half stone award i cant wait to finally get an award!!
And your very welcome on the support i love reading other ppls diarys and see how they cope with things and wat they eat! Keep it up xxxx


but you can call me Toni!
Well done. As you say, at least it's going in the right direction!

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