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Day 195

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July 2007

May 2006

I thought I'd take this opportunity to show you all what the second 100 days does to a girl - and how it's totally worth it! At the end of foundation I was glowing - I was at a weight I hadn't been for three years - it was my 'skinny weight' as an obese person. In Development as a person needing to do a second 100 days, I have discovered that I am a slim person. I never would have expected to be in size 10 jeans, let alone size 10 skinny jeans. Weirdly enough, I had a pair of size 20 skinny jeans from the same shop when I first started, and by the time I could get them over my calves I was a size 16 and they were next to useless!

Anyway - today I had my photoshoot - of which more, later. I have treated myself thoroughly. Just a tiny bit more hard work and I will be at my goal. My tummy has very nearly gone. My work here is almost done! (Obviously not all the psychological work and body toning, but the body image and physical diet work really is so close to being done it's amazing!)
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Mrs Lard

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Hey tiny one!

The new photos are fabulous. There is an amazing serenity in your face - a new, inner happiness, I wonder?

Well done! Your work is, indeed, nearly done!!

Mrs L xxxxx

PS - I still have fat on my tummy and lower abdomen and my back - will carrying on, do you think, make this...start disappearing?? xxxx

Mrs Lard

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Just in case anyone thinks I am saying that Sarah is "nearly done" but not quite, it's only because I know where Sarah wants to get to, not because I think she has more to do!

(Cerulean will know this, of course!)


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Tummy fat

Mrs L - I have to say in the last week the main dfference I have noticed is that I am getting close to being down to my 'hardbody' ie the actual musculature of the body rather then the padding. My upper abdomen fat is all but gone and my tummy pooch is starting to break up (a couple more weeks of being miserable about austrian blind/Sharpei (not sure if that's how you spell the dog, but you know what I mean, I'm sure) wrinkles I fear ;) )

The backs of my thighs are hard and muscly, the fronts are still a bit wobbly and when I look down at them I feel the same about them as I did when I was a hockey goalie at school - they're shapely, but not toned and I still feel they're treetrunkish. I need to dispel this feeling as it was one of the first major triggers in creating my negative body image as a young teenager.


Skinny girl in a fat body
You look fantastic!!!!

Very well done, I just hope you are sending me the same message in the not too distant future lol

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
Wow Cerulean, you are truly beautiful & wonderfully slim.
Well done on your achievement.
Wow, you look really good!

That's one of the things that I would really like to do, have a photoshoot with the family. I wouldn't have been willing to pay good money for photos looking how I did at the weight I was, so as soon as I am happy I am booking us all in!

You look amazing, and aside from that you have truly accomplished something fantastic by sticking to the plan for so long.


has started again!!

You are amazing. As Mrs L says, there is a peace and inner tranquility showing in your face now, that I dont percieve as being there before. You have proven to yourself that you, and only you, were able to make this happen. Yes, you had the support from LL and from Minis, but when its all over, and you are part of the real "foodie" world again, its you who continues to make these things happen.

You have an inner strength and a positive attitude that I personally find both inspiring and enlightening and for that I thank you. At times I have been almost envious, however now I am learning that, very much, each of us is an individual and will complete this journey in the way that is the right one for us.

Thanks for all you are doing to help each and every one of us achieve what we need!! You are a star!!
thnak you so much for this post. I am only 5 weeks through my LL course and know that i need to do another 14 weeks after this course and sometimes that seems a very long way off, but seeing pictures like this has really inspired me to carry on and make sure i do the second course.
thanks again
You really do look like a compleatly different person and you really are beautiful. I feel like crying with joy for you. So well done. I'm so proud of you and its been a real joy sharing the journey with you.

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