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Size 14 - Here I come...

Hello Fellow Vintage Weight Watchers! Apologies if this post looks familiar, I have just realised that the weight loss diary thread is where I should be posting.

I turn 30 in exactly 18 months time and I am absolutely determined I won't be overweight when I do. I used to get on fine with the old weight watchers and then left it for a while (as you do) and rejoined last December and was stuck with their pro points nonsense which didn't work at all.

Been trying to just do healthy eating and gym 3 times a week and I am fine at keeping up the exercise but the minute I have a blip on the diet I fall off the wagon spectacularly - cue 3 day binge eating everything in sight and 7lbs on :eek:

Today is a new start. I weigh 17 stone 4.5lb and am size 20. My goal is to get down to 11 stone and a size 14 in 18 months. Hoping this time next week after my first weigh in I will be a few poundsl lighter.

Weighed my cereal this morning for the first time in months and was shocked to see that I have been brazenly eating triple that amount! Thought I would be starving an hour later but I wasn't - just goes to show. Anyway, really didn't mean for such a long post (sorry).

Feeling very motivated today and even really looking forward to my trip to asda today.
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Hi Star . welcome to WW :D. This site is a fantastic support and its there every day when you need it. The people are great and we all try to help and encourage each other.

Sorry the Propoints didnt work foryou the first time . Ihave found it brilliant now i must say . What do you think didnt work about it for you ?. But it doesnt matter really you can still do the older discovery plan too .

Your goal is a realistic one and youhave given yourself a good timeinterval to get there. Id love to be 11 stone and a size 14 too sowe can encourage each other.:D:D

I couldnt make out fromyourpost if you have gone back to classes or aregoing it alone , whichever we will be here for you . Best of luck :girlpower:You can do this !!
I am following discover (old weight watchers points) at home on my own plus minimins for support of course. I was 7 points under yesterday which I know isn't good but was in a bad mood and lost my appetite.

Feeling better today though so hopefully eating will be a bit better. I am off to the gym tonight so hoping to burn a couple of hundred calories. I feel lighter already which is great. As long as I keep busy, I'm not thinking about food - boredom is the worst for me.

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Hi star good luck with your journey look forward to following your journey xx
First weigh in today :)

So I am 1 week in and weighed myself this morning and I have lost 3lbs. Quite pleased with that as it has been a rollercoaster week. My boyfriend and I weren't on speaking terms (All sorted now - phew) which made keeping on track tricky - plus I was out with my sister for dinner on Friday night and we had dirty great (yummy) burgers, chips, onion rings and cocktails.

To make sure it doesn't catch up with me I am sticking to my points religiously today and will be going to the gym tonight for a work out.

Happy Monday :)
Fell slightly off the wagon last night.
Made it to the gym for a half hearted session and then the boyf bought home a box of chocolate fingers that we demolished in a bout 5 minutes - Oops.

Must be a bit more focused. Back on track today.
Hello Star

best of luck with your journey. I think you have set yourself some realistic goals in terms of weight/size and timescales and really hope you get there. I too am aiming for same weight and size. Look forward to reading your diary over the coming weeks.
Hi Star, well done on your 3lb loss :D Thats fantastic. Dont panic about the odd blip , its what you do for the rest of the day/week is important ,as long as you dont let it throw you off course . Keep tracking and as you said keep buzy. Boredom is a downfall for me too :sigh:
Bikini Bod LOL

Thank you ladies!. So far this week hasn't been to bad. Been to the gym twice and plan to go over the weekend.

One of my good friends recently got engaged and is getting married next year in Ibiza so an extra incentive to stay on track.

My face is a bit slimmer and my legs are toning up (ever so slowly) due to running at the gym but belly feels really wobbly stilll. Hoping that will slim down next.