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size 14??? maybe!!


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Go for it hunni, if you cant fit into them, well it gives you a great goal to aim towards! and if you can fit into them - then girl its more power to you and ignore the aggy ass comments. Bit immature tbh.

rainbow brite

Hun nothing's stopping you from trying a 14 and seeing how you get on ;) Good luck sweetie, hope they fit no trouble but if not it won't be long until they do :)
Go for it and if they dont fit in one shop dont get dissapointed blame their sizing and try another ! even if they dont fit itll only be a couple of weeks and they will
as for the saggy ass comments ignore them or tell them you will have new trousers if they pay!


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lmao - now theres an idea Gene


I have a pair of size 14s at home - so i will try them on tonight.

I am gonna be buggered for my hols at this rate!!! Will need new clothes :D


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I'v been wearing 18's but was really suprised to get in my 16's without the muffin top showing .... Yipeee, bet they fit


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it depends where you buy them really wait till your in a shopping mood and go in and out of shops until you find a pair that fit you just right the comments ye get in jeans that sit perfect is great and ye feel great too:)


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As loudi says it depends where u buy. The boutiques are slightly smaller but the large chain shops seem to do bigger 14's. Don't know why. Maybe people feel better when they fit into smaller sizes and so buy more stuff in these stores. Well done.
Go for it Lisa and let us know how you get on.



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defo - i reckon you should be able to no problems
And if you can't, fret not - in another week or so you will be able to!
snap im like you can get size 16 down without un doing and are very baggy got some 14s yesterday and fit like a dream so go for it, get some x


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i tried my size 14 pants on and they fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go me go me go me!!!!
well done Lisa good job skinny xxxx
That's great Lisa and 2 weeks ahead of your target! You rock girl!!!!



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i will be buying me some 14 jeans this weekend - i will change my signature then!!!!! can't bloody wait :D
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good on ya! x

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