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size 16 what weight?????/


Must do it this time
hey people,
I was just wondering if anyone out there is 5`5 and a size 16?If so what weight are you to be that size as Im off on my hols in 5 weeks and Im currently an 18/20 but would love to get to 16 before i go away,is this possible or am i living in fantasy land?????
My weight loss seems to have to have slowed down drastically lately and its really getting me down.
elaine x
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I'm 5ft 4" and I'm quite comfortably getting into 16's now (except in the odd place where their sizes are really unrealistic!). I weight 14st 5lbs.


Must do it this time
thanx kelly,thats approx another stone to go for me then,i hope i can manage that in 5 weeks,
elaine x


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Hi Elaine,
I'm 5 6" and weigh 14st 4 but i'm a size 18. I'm desperate to get into a 16 for my sister's wedding in 5 weeks.
It seems like people's weight differs for different dress sizes. :confused:
I'm 14st 10lb and no where near a 16, I'm in a 22 still :(


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I am 5'7 and size 14-16 and 14 stone. It really does depend on the individual, just keep doing what you are doing and soon you will be shopping for your new wardrobe
I have to agree with Taz we're all different. I'm 14st but 5ft 9. 18 bottom, 14 top. Even at 10st I was 14 on my bottom half though with a BMI close to 20. Keep focussed on the next stone & the sizes will follow. x
I'm 5'6 and a peanut unde 14stone. Fit into most 16s and 18s are too big now. Bottom and top allthough top I still prefer wearing biger sizes (anything from 20/22 downwards..looks ridiculous but is comfy and I'm not confident enough yet to show my newly dug out curves..)

It is so different though cause a friend of mine is 5'4 and a bit, 12.5 stone and can't wear most 16s...

Hang in there and 5 weeks is a good time frame to get into 16s from where you are..

Good luck



Finally a size 12!
Hi Im 5foot 5 and 13 stone and just got in to a 16 but my legs are my problem area if ya have quite skinny thighs it would be bit more stone i thnk


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Think it probably depends where you hold your weight - I hold mine round my tummy..( lucky me..not) so bottom halves will be bigger than my top half...does that make sense?

I'm 5'5" and 12 st 3 and still wearing my size 16 (very depressingly) some of them are dropping off me now but went shopping last week and very few size 14s fit me properly yet - so it must really depend on the style/shop/where you carry your weight.

Carol x


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I am 5ft 5" and weigh 12stone 13 lbs and fit comfortably in size 16 bottoms but 14 tops. My problem area is tummy and tops of thighs , though when I put on the weight some of it went on my arms too. Yesterday I bought a skirt from New look in a 12-I think it was supposed to sit on your hips but it did do up round my waist.


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im 5 ft 5 in a sz 16 . im 11 stone 9lb . i can pull my jeans down without undoing them , but no way could i get my arse into a sz 14

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