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size clothes

i would love to be a 10/12.... im verging on a 12 now.... (top half, but my bum has a little way to go...) but i would be happy with those... but if i got to a 10 id be over the moon!


reaching my goal
i would love to be a size 10 but my goal at the momment is a size 12 then once i reach a size 12 i will aim for those size 10 jeans !
I have a pair of size 14 jeans hanging on my wardrobe as an incentive to stick with it. They look flipping tiny!!
Determinator that's amazing! I was a size 36/38 when I started and am now down to a 22 so have come a long way already but still a fair way to go.


please try again
size 12 would be nice, i started at a size 32 and cannot imagine how i will even get my big toe in a 12
i always said to myself i will never ever get into a 12 again, but i have :), hang in there pps youll do it
I want to get back into my next size 10 skinnies that are patiently waiting in my wardrobe for me!
I was a 8/10 at 11 stone so hopefully that will still be the case! :D
When I started I would have been ecstatic if I ended up a size 16. I'm a comfy size 20 now and still have 6st odd to go so a size 14 is a real possibility. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be a size 14.
I'm a size 14 now but would love to fit into a size 10/12 !! :eek:
I lost weight 10 yrs ago and got down to 9st 7 and my bottom half was a size 10. Unfortunately my top half was was still a size 14 and I hated it.
6 yrs ago I had a breast reduction but had already started putting weight back on so I never got the real benefit of the surgery, and went back up to a size 16.
This time I am hoping to get down to a good 12, and be in proportion for the first time ever.
I still have all my size 10 clothes and would love to get back into them but I wonder if I am being too hopeful as I am 43 now :eek:
I can give it a shot though
I think a size 14ish, but I have never been that size so will re-evaluate when I get there.
i was a size 20 and am now a size 16 - I wanted to get to a 14 and will think about it again then.
I'm a size 20/ 22 more realistically and would love to be a size 10. Have never been a 10, seems a long way off but like others have said will wait and see what I look like at different sizes. If i'm happy at a 14 or a 12 i'll stop then.

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