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i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
I don't tend to get the choice of which shops I can go in at this size! It's Evans or nothing for me at the mo.

But give me time....and then I'll be quite happy to join in with this question :D



Minimins is the best!
ha ha i had exactly this conversation with my mate the other day at bluewater. i was after a new jacket (as all my ones from last winter are too big! whoop!) I went to H&M and tried on a 16 coat and it fitted!! whoop it was a bit tight around the bust but that was cool, but i decided not to get it, couldnt find much that i could afford anywhere else so thought id have a look in evans (humph) so anyways, i try on a 14 in a coat i liked...it was MASSIVE!! it looked silly, so then i tried a mac on in an 18 and it fits perfect!!! its so stupid, but i think as long as it looks nice what does it matter what size it is..
anyway im happy with my mac, its RED (whoop!) and was only £35!! Bargain! lol


I want to be fitter again
What is silly is in Primark. I tried on a dressing gown in 12-14 but it was too small. the next size is 16-18 which is too big. where is size 14-16 ?. . . it doesn't exist !!!!


Nojo on the YoYo
Mrs C, you're a 12 in Oasis and a 14 in Next?

I'm a 14 in Next, a 16 in Dotty P and NOTHING in Oasis fits me in any of their sizes.


Minimins is the best!
Mrs C, you're a 12 in Oasis and a 14 in Next?

I'm a 14 in Next, a 16 in Dotty P and NOTHING in Oasis fits me in any of their sizes.
Vix im the same, wouldnt even attmept to try and fit a leg in their trousers!! same as Mango, Zara & Warehouse....!!
Oh well, one day...hopefully in the not too distant future!!!:cool:
I also have this problem, Im currently a 15 in jeans in my usual places- dorothy perkins, new look etc therefore have to wear a belt always with my 16s! Yet in the more expensive shops such as levi I am a comfortable 16! It drives me crazy and I get frustrated also!
I shop in Bon Marche at the moment (up to size 24 for those who don't know) but I at the moment I am just using the size (currently a size 23) as a very rough guide as some things in there fit perfectly and some are like tents.
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Nojo on the YoYo
Same here, id say im a 12 though cos thats what most of my stuff is.
I find the cheaper shops have the smaller sizes.
I think a lot of shops are guilty of 'vanity' sizing. M&S is a prime example (i'm a size 12 in some items in M&S people! Yerrrs). Though in Primark, I am a 12-14 (whoop!!!) in their dresses and sweaters, and find it difficult to fit into any of their jeans, size 18 included (booooooo).

Shops know that buying an item in a 'smaller' size is important to women, so they'll tailor their size guides accordingly.
I always wonder why the one and only survey of womens bodies was back in the 50's (I think) and the results are still being used by most shops now even though womens bodies have changed dramatically! I think a new survey should be done for our generation of women and then clothes might fit better!
Sugar L, you are so right! I was told the last size structure was done in the 50's too. But in the same article I recall seeing this, also said that M&S had decided to do their own survey of "Modern Women" & have restructured their sizes accordingly! So if we go by this, what you are in M&S should be what you actually are IYSWIM!!!!

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