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Skimmed milk?

Hi Blowden

I did Lt 2 years ago and successfully lost weight using a dash of skimmed milk here and there, and I mean it wasn't very often - just if I was at a friends and tea was the only thing on offer and I felt like being sociable! If you think how few calories are in skimmed (and they use it in the LT shakes) then I think it's fine, BUT be sensible and don't use it as an excuse to start adding other things into the diet.

Have you tried Peppermint tea as an alternative to tea and coffee? I bought some yesterday and love it! It even tastes nice when it's getting cool - a bonus for people like me when you have 2 young children to run around after. I've also started drinking sparkling water - silly I know but it sort of feels like a treat and a nice change to tap water!
Thanks for the reply just having a down moment, have tried the vanilla yuch can't stand the smell of the pep' tea, but I've just been and tried on some of my clothes again and put loads in my fat bag and have lots that now fit when they were far too tight so am feeling positive again, tho I couldn't understand why they use the sk milk in the shakes and a tiny dash would make a difference?
Hey Blodwen, I know what you mean, I love my milky tea and coffee... would love it too but I think its risky. I was talking to the woman from lipotrim 2 weeks ago (she was doing training in my pharamacy) and she told me even the slightest amount will knock you out of ketosis. I asked her about a sprinkle of chilli powder in the soup too, because I can't stomach the soup, but she told me absolutley not, she said not only are u risking being knocked out of ketosis, you are 'tasting' too much...I guess the whole point of the diet is to just consume whats told, she said if you do it to the letter you will lose the stone a month. She did tell me that peppermint tea is ok to mix with the shakes (but I can't stomach that either)
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :-( Good luck with your journey xx
P.S. Blodwen I put a big spoon of instant coffee into my vanilla shake and mix it with cold water, it is actually delicious!
im not sure this helps but maybe skimmed lactofree milk might be better as lactose is the sugar in milk
thanks everyone will just avoid for now!!
Hi there
I have to say, and i know they dont like you saying this sort of thing, but I could not have continued with this diet if i had not had a little milk in my tea and coffee. I have about two cups of coffee with milk a day and I dont think It has affected my weight loss but everyone is different. I lost 8lbs in first week 4lbs in secon and 6 in third. I just noticed someone said their pharmasist said no to chilli powder?? my pharmasist said herbs and spices are fine. I add a dash of curry powder to my soup and it is soooo much nicer. I know I will be frowned upon for the milk thing but I tried this diet 3 years ago and due to the milk thing, couldnt stick to it. This time, I have not found it that hard but I must say, hats off to all of you who have done it without milk in your coffee!! I couldnt have done it. i think the only thing with the milk is that is can make you hungry,, they say, but tbh I found coffee a good apetite suppressor so that counteracts. Good luck. I love this diet, I have never felt weight drop off the way it is now!!!
milk will not knock you out of ketosis , especially skimmed . It may be worth looking in the cambridge diet ( I swapped form LT to CD ) as they have a plan where you have 3 shakes and an allowance of skimmed milk and the losses are still 14 lb a month on average . Lipotrim is a great diet but very strict and they frown on any deviation , CD has about 7 different plan varying from sole source ( just the shakes ect ) to a 1000 calorie plan , and loads of great plans in between . The shakes taste amazing , as do the soups and the bars .. well they are totally scrummy !!!
I found LT was amazing for the beginning of my journey but I got to a stage where I needed to start introducing some nice tastes and a little food so switched to CD and never looked back :)
Worth looking at as its not worth deviating off plan , may be better to find a plan that suits your needs better .

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