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Skin Firming Cream

Snake oil or worthwhile do you reckon?

One of my fears doing the VLCD is that as I expect to lose weight fairly quickly I will be left with a lot of loose skin. At my age (46) it's not just going to ping back into place I don't think. :(

Anyway, asda had some special offers on this week so I've got meself some Garnier body tonic firming lotion, it's quite nice, smells lemony, and absosrbs in quite well.

I'm not sure if I really believe it's going to help if I'm honest, but it's definitely moisturising and I reckoned the action of massaging it in couldn't do any harm either. So I've been applying it liberally to the tops of my arms, tops of my legs and my tummy this weekend!

Anyone else use anything like this? If so, what do you reckon, is it helping?
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Hey there

All the various creams and lovely and certainly keep your skin soft and in good condition. My personal experience is they have had very little effect on saggyness.

Probably snake oil, but as you say the act of massaging can't hurt, and the skin you've got left will be in tip top condition!

Am treating self to a weekly thorough bio oiling (expensive, but just a weekly thing, and I already had a bottle kicking about), and may well use some other moisturiser in the intervening period.
In asda there is a bio-oil fakey called re-gen oil for around half the price - the ingredients are much the same, and having used both, I can't say there's a great deal of difference.

I have to say, I've had loads of compliments on my skin since starting this diet, one of the best benefits I think!

It does make you feel like you're basting yourself but my skin feels a lot less dry (and my skin is of the reptillian variety!)
I have a military-like skin regime. I hope to god it works... because I put a lot of effort in!

Weight training - 2 hours a week
Situps/pushups/other toning exercises - 1 hour a week
Body brush (followed by cold-hot shower for skin stimulation) - every day
Skin firming creams - Nourish skin firm, shea butter, Coco butter, bio-oil - twice a day.

Again, I hope it works and my loose skin is minimal to none. Because it probably takes a good 40 minutes out of every day.
At the end of the day it cant do much harm so why not, I am bio oiling once a week ( I found it helped with my acne scars a few years ago so hoping it'll help with stretch marks too! ) and moisturising once a day after a shower


Still Motivated
I was in Asda yesterday and found a bottle of the Re-Gen oil and bought a bottle as a treat. I do often use doublebase on the front of my shins as my skin is very dry there.
Re-Gen has a lovely perfume to it and it felt lovely to use.

Love Myr xxx

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