Skin shrinkage


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I have been on CD for 10 weeks now. On maintenance at present and waiting for my skin to shrink.
Will it go back the only bad place I have is my stomach.
I have lost in total 61lbs.
When I stand up my stomach is all wrinkly and when I am knocking out my press ups its all hanging down.
I am 39 years old do you think I am stuck :( with saggey skin??
I think it will improve a bit with excercise but unfortunatly if it has stretched too much then I think surgrery is the only answer. Have you got stretchmarks?
I think that's why the Icedude is going for a tummy tuck - he did masses of exercise, and used slendertone but was still left with some sagging.
well thats a good sign, hopefully if the skin hasn't stretched to breaking point(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) then you should be able to see a big improvement with excercise. I think one of the best ones for tummy muscles is the plank
this link give you a bit of info
BBC - Radio Solent - Lucy's work out 2
Stuck to it like glue up until last three weeks when I have been back on food. Stick to the maintenance 6 days a week then on my one day off a week I like to go out with the wife for a nice meal and wine.
I think I just focussed on the job in hand and that was that.
Don't get too panicky about little things there seem to be an awful lot of people who have big issues with minor blips.
If you take it day by day and you have a bad one then that is all it is ONE BAD DAY the rest of the week can be perfect so why get hung up and panic.
I think the secret to this diet is to get positive and stay positive. :cool:

It is quite an acheivement to lose 61lb in 10weeks. Well done. I bet you stuck to it religiously..

ANy tips for us mortals :) ?
Well done on the fab weight loss Jason!

Unfortunately, saggy skin is a problem for many people who have lost quite a bit of weight. I'm 9st lighter than when at my heaviest and ... let's just say I won't be sporting a bikini on the beach and time soon! :)

I know a woman who has lost about 6st and she says that over a year after losing it, her skin is STILL shrinking back and looks a lot better than when she first hit goal.

The fact you have no stetch marks bodes well ... why not stick with the water drinking, exercise and 'external' stuff like oils etc and see what it looks like in a few months.

Good luck!
I will keep my fingers crossed.
I have cut down on the old water since starting Maintenance maybe I will up it a bit. Does always look wrinklier first thing in the morning when I am dehydrated. Mind you not to the levels I was some days I would do more than 8 litres surprised I didn't drown myself.
I've got saggy skin too esp my tum after having 2 children & its stretched so I fear I have it forever. The thought of a tummy tuck scares the bejesers out of me