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  1. DiamondDoll

    DiamondDoll Full Member

    Mine has arrived today! Has anyone tried this method? xx
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  3. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    Hi Diamond Doll, I have been using a VIP electronic cigarette which I imagine is along the same lines.

    I haven't had a real cigarette since 23 Jan 2012 so it is certainly working for me but then again I had a lot of motivation. My friend has COPD and I could see me heading the same way, I was always struggling to breathe so decided that I had to do something about it.

    I still use my e-cig but it is loads cheaper than smoking and I can breathe freely now, I had a cold before Christmas and instead of coughing(or trying to cough) for weeks afterwards, I just had a slight cough which went when the cold did, result!!

    My husband is still smoking but I have found that I really don't mind, this was my decision and I am sooo happy that I made it.

    Take a day at a time and if you can find some one to give up with you it will really help you through the tricky times, I can't thank my friend enough for being there for me. Hopefully you will be writing something similar to this message, this time next year.

    Take care.
  4. DiamondDoll

    DiamondDoll Full Member

    Well done thats great.. i am on day 3 now and feel really good. My partner quit with me so thats a blessimg... hes a tad more on edge then me but its his 1st quit and my 5th attempt! Thank you for your encouragement and reply. We got this :)
  5. Lily66

    Lily66 Member

    Just ordered the skycig. Hope it works. I have been smoking for thirty years 20 a day. How are you getting on with yours Diamond Doll?
  6. DiamondDoll

    DiamondDoll Full Member

    Honestly its amazing! I recommend the crown tobacco and crown vanilla flavours, bith nyself and my partner have re ordered these. Battery is good but take the charger incase you are caught out. But i can honestly say its worked very well, nearly 6 days in without any withdrawals. Id been smoking 15 ish a day for 12 years and previously tried patches, gum and cold turkey!

    Let me know how you get on and im here for support :)
  7. Lily66

    Lily66 Member

    Thanks for your reply. It is en-route. Let you know how I get on!!!
  8. Lily66

    Lily66 Member

    Still havnt got it. The postman took it back because I wasnt in. Aaaaaagh. Lets home it comes on Monday.
  9. battybelle

    battybelle Full Member

    Just got my Skycig. What a god send. It's fantastic. Been chain smoking for years. Tried everything in past. Thank god for ecigs. Yay!!
  10. battybelle

    battybelle Full Member

    Just had a real cig :((((
  11. Katie1961

    Katie1961 Full Member

    Hope you are OK?

    Please try and put that behind you and focus on how good you were feeling without the real cigarettes.

    I must admit that I have tried to give up so many times before but it was my mind set this time, I decided that I could either have no cigarettes or my e-cig and it has worked. I did have other factors going on at the time which made me decide that I had to do it or become very ill in the future.

    It has not been easy and I have been lucky enough to have friends who supported me along the way and a wonderful husband who still tells me how proud he is - he is still smoking though, he will stop when he is ready to.

    One of my motivators was totting up how much I would have spent if I was still smoking and I quickly found that I could breathe so much easier too. I was always worried about the smell on my clothes, hands and hair which is no longer there! If you try to think of the positives you can quickly call upon those thoughts when temptation arises.

    I am certainly no expert but I have managed 1 year so far and I am determined not to go back. Take care.
  12. battybelle

    battybelle Full Member

    Thanks Katy :) I'm doing ok with SkY cig although they are working out quite expensive with the cartridges. But ok. Am following a VLCD too and I've lost just over a stone and really pleased :) xxx

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  13. I've not used the sky cig but I use nicolites elites or litejoy. You can buy e liquid to refill the cartridges and it works out a lot cheaper :) hope this helps
  14. battybelle

    battybelle Full Member

    Oh I've used nicolites and elites and where I live they are disposable cartridges. Not tried litejoy. Thank you :)

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  15. They should be disposable but if you put a paper clip into the little hole at the white end and gently prize the white stopper out you can refill with a few drops of the liquid then just pop stopper back in :). Shops so sell the litejoy ones but I think they are new, I don't think I'm allowed to post the link but if you ask google you should find then. A large bottle I think was around 15 pounds delivered but it lasted me 3 weeks :) hope this helps xx
  16. battybelle

    battybelle Full Member

    Thanks yes it does. Thankyou. But for now I think I will stick with skycig. Can't really afford to buy anymore ecigs as I've tried a few now. Elites are good though. My skycig cartridges are high strength. Umm I will have to see. Can't really decide. I might switch to Elites regular strength nicotine. Thanks wannabeslimchick. I will probs not bother with liquid as I find it a bit of a fiddle. I remember intellicig I bought online. I got the liquid everywhere hahaha. I should think they've improved now though. Thanks. I will wait until I get paid next I think and have payed bills etc. xxxx

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