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hoping for a good loss
I am actually sleeping at long last. My back ache is easing and I am managing to sleep pretty well, dispite having to pee several times over night

Hope you get a good sleep pattern soon


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I'm going to go against the trend and say that this is one of the short term side effects of being in ketosis. It's definitely happened to me in the past and I know of several others it's happened to. It does pass though!


Gone fishing
Yes, reduced sleep is a 'side effect' of ketosis. It's not known why this is (I don't think anyway), but some people believe it is because the brain works more efficiently with ketones as energy and so the body needs less sleep.

Some people find that though they sleep for less time, when they are asleep they sleep better
Ive always slept like a baby all my life (lurrrrve sleeping lol) but find im awake till quite late since CD and cant do anything about it...at all!

I aint complaining though :D
ok thanks for the info :D was just finding it abit strange that im up at 4am cleaning all the house :rolleyes:


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Where do you live?

Couldn't pop over and clean mine, by any chance? ;) :D :)

I hate housework...

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