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    Hi all,
    My wife is so impressed with my weight loss that she has now joined LL. She has been on it for 5 days now and she is findin that she is not sleeping well. She will go to bed at around 11pm and by 3am she is awake and cant get back to sleep. This makes her grouchy all day.
    Is this one of the side affects? Has anybody else had this and how did you deal with it?

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    Might just be a restless patch - I have never heard of LL giving anyone insominia or any sleeping problems, other then food dreams. :D

    It may be that it is all weighing heavily on her mind, so that is causing her to be restless.

    It should pass. We all go through sleepless phases, and I really would not think its related to the diet per se.

    Good luck - its horrible not to be able to sleep. My cats have been kleeping me awake for the last few nights. *******!! lol
  4. LaydeeBug

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    Maybe the weight loss in both of you means your wife thinks you are missing from the bed as she can't feel you near her? :p

    Just kidding ~ I don't have problems in that department I'm afraid so not sure.
    Hot bath and hot chocolate ( LL style! ) before bed. xx :)
  5. katalena

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    I was on Lighter Life
    I didn't find that I had sleep problems but for a considerable amount of weeks I was going to bed at approx 0130-0230 and getting up at 0700 and feeling spritely. I just didn't need as much sleep as I did previously and still don't although it is returning to a normal nights sleep again.

    Kat xx
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    Lost 10 stones on LL/Exante a couple of years ago, have regained several stone so giving WW a go.
    I found in the early days that it was all very exciting, and the only time I have to indulge in thinking about me and daydreaming is when I go to bed so in the first few weeks I found it harder to sleep as I couldn't stop thinking about it all, and imagining myself thin etc. Same if I woke in the night. It settled down though, I now have a brief stint of thinking happy thoughts when I go to bed and drop off more or less straight after then sleep through.

    Give it a few weeks and see how it goes.

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