Slendertone and VLCD results please...


Hi all,

I was just wondering whether you could all give me some results and/or updates on results that you have had with the slendertone abs and shorts in combination with your VLCD...

I've just dusted mine off (I have the slendertone max abs and the B&T shorts) and have just started using them for the last three days. I use mine for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening...

Brightness I know bought a pair of the knicker type and I am dieing to hear if she experienced any difference and Mike, well he found that the knickers were not for men:eek:

He does the belt and is having good results, he is not here this weekend but when he gets home I am sure he will tell you,:)

I have been using the belt for about 5 days and the shorts I got last night!

I didn't know you could use them twice a day - will definately be doing that!

Hope the results are good.

Mimosa - do u find that the pads really stick to you?! I seem to end up with bits of sticky plastic all over me afterwards!!

Really worried I'm not doing it right - I don't think i'm placing the belt in the right place as I can never feel the big pad working just the little ones!

Plus - getting into the shorts is a bit of a mamouth effort isn't it?! lol

I wish you luck!

Tash xx