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  1. SharonA_1970

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    Lighter Life
    Anyone else got one? I bought one today after reading a thread that IceMoose on CD did about them. I can see this becoming a new addiction for me. I love it and will be doing it twice a day I think. I already go to the gym and do a 30 minute circuit of resistance work four times a week. I am determined to give my muscles the best tone I can to minimise the saggy look
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    Hi, I've got one although. Think I need to lose a bit more for it to work as I can't feel it doing anything to my muscles unless I lie down and then not much really!! Heard that it's best for a size 14 and below - think I read that on here somewhere. My fiance uses one to tone up and I llvoe watching his stomach jumping up and down and can't wait till mine does the same.

    Keep us posted with how you get on.

  4. Eileen

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    i hope this isnt a silly question but what are they?I need to tone up more.
  5. SharonA_1970

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    Lighter Life
    Eileen its a belt that electronically stimulates your muscles to contract. Kind of like doing crunches without laying on the floor. You can see at the website just do a search on google for slendertone I used it twice yesterday and I can definately feel my muscles have had a workout
  6. KerrieW

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    I used to have one of these but have also found that using the PowerPlate at my gym is very good for toning up and you can do lots of different muscles on that. Slendertones are pretty good though.
  7. icemoose

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    The slendertone max was fantastic at building my abs, in fact it made my loose skin even more noticeable as the muscle was so tight that the skin just sagged down. You must use it everyday though to get results.

    I got to the point I could have it on full intensity and didn't even feel it, once I am healed I intend to use it again to build my strength back up.

  8. jacqui_xm

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    I've got a slendertone and it is the one with 12 pads that you place in pairs on muscle groups of your choice. Cost about £90 from Argos. It feels very weird when on, but you can sit and watch the TV whilst using it and they do work:) I have only just started to use mine again since starting CD, but after the birth of my second daughter, it got me into shape really fast and my muscles were well and truly toned. Tummy was flat, bum was pert etc.

    I am using it on my upper arms this time too, they have neer been a problem previously, but I can see me ending up with bingo wings if I am not careful. A friend of mine doing LL has actually bought something that is specific to upper arms. Might have to look out for that but my arms are quite chubby - might not fit for a while:rolleyes:
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