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I was wondering my myself ?? maybe someone could shed some light on this for us?

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
have often wondered too.. but not sure so never shelled out for one! lol all the jokes about the 'twitching' of muscles puts me off too..
Slendertone is a muscle toning device only
They reckon that a 20 minute cycle is equiv of 120 crunches
It does state on their website that it will not make you lose weight but should be used in conjunction will low cal diet
The basic idea is that as you lose weight and can eventually see your stomach muscles they will be more toned than without
I have bought the mens AMS flex system which is basically a belt with 3 pads
It is amazing when you wear it as you can clearly see your muscles contracting /releasing
Your supposed to use it 5 days per week for 30mins and build up the intensity over period of time
they say that after 6 to 8 weeks of above you should see difference
Beware they are not cheap and you also have to but replacement pads which last betweem 20 to 30 sessions
New pads cost £8 per set or 2 for 3 on ebay so thats about a fiver per month
Im gonna give it a go whilst on LL as I want to lose 5 stone and am hoping that this will complement my weight loss regime and general increasing of physical exercise
Based on waht im saving on not boozing / takeaways its cheap
For ladies they do the belt like men but also shorts with the pads inside
You can wear the pads whilst ironong. watching TV etc
Tingling sensation is rather nice
Will keep you posted on what I think
Thanks James. Please do let us know whether they work or not as am looking to invest in some around March time. Many thanks in advance.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Great to have a review, and about the pads.. I am interested in the toning aspect as do Karate.. and ride horses when my back allows me too.. haven't ridden in 6 months now but plan to soon, so stronger tummy muscles would be good.. though mine aren't 'bad' I think the lower half are a bit lazy compared to the top half! lol
I bought the abs system and arms system from Slendertone a week ago.:rolleyes: It's started to firm me up a bit, says in 30 days I should have firmer stronger abs and arms! We shall see!:rolleyes: Lol! The abs belt is more comfortable than the arms system. The arms give you involuntary hand movements which are a bit weird... but if you dont mind looking like your having a fit for 20 mins every day it's fantastic!:8855:
I've ordered a slendertone belt as I have a jelly belly from my pregnancies and I think it will remain even with the weight loss; I'll let you know how it goes but from reviews/testimonials it seems good - as long as you follow the routine (5 days a week et) and control your calories (perfect on CD lol).
I have the abs belt too. It is a strange sensation but you can feel the muscles contracting through the work out so it is doing something... think you need to use it during 6 weeks to see results...
Hi everyone!! Just bumping this up so that you can let me know whether it is worth buying. Let me know .... please!


Crawling to the finish!
Ive just bought one today for tum as Im being a tad lazy lately and also having surgery and thought this would be great for afterwards when im immobile!! I hope it makes me look like kate moss hahaha I will let you know soon! only done a day but i plan on doing 5 days a week hopefully by the end of the week I can see a difference haha x


Fat Fighter
I have just ordered mine so will give you a review about it in about 6 weeks time. I wish I could afford the arms one because I have really fat arms :-(
I am in my 2nd week of using it every week... am up to intensity of 65 for 35-40 mins

I think it does work as my waist is dropping inches a lot faster than anywhere else.

I was told that when you are still covered with fat, the changes don't show as the fat covers the muscles but it still does tone the muscles which are revealed when the weigh finally goes...
For me I have a bad back and have to be extremly careful with exercise, and couldnt every do sit ups.. so for me it is an option I am using to the full,, i suppose only time will tell though if it really really works...


Girl on a mission
Slendertone belts are amazing and you do notice a difference after a couple of weeks...love handles go bit too:D but they are meant to be used with other exercise, it's not going to really work to full protential if you don't do any other kind of physical activity:)

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