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Slept In... Need Idea's


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Hi ladies...

Disaster this morning and left the house without my lunch... so basically need some quick ideas.

I'm thinking a baked potato but not sure what to have with it that would make sure I'm including my third of a plate.

Thanks in advance x
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I will be a Princess!
Are you going to the shop to get your lunch, or eating in a work canteen? Sorry, that may be a silly question! You could get some salad to have with your baked potato, or some tomatoes etc. You could have baked beans on your potato and have salad with it...syn free! :)


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No unfortunately I've no shops too close but we have a canteen, thinking a baked potato with tuna, not too sure if its tuna or tuna mayo - if tuna mayo on average what would the syns be?

Not fussed on beans but either way i'll have side salad with it :)


Slow and steady...
A tablespoon of mayo (I think)=
0.5 syns - Extra light
2 syns - Light
5 syns - Full fat

My canteen at work uses Light mayo but you should ask, and I always say if they put two spponfuls of tuna mayo on my plate = 1 spoonful of mayo = 2 syns.

Just to be on the safe side.

If it was me I'd go for jacket potato with beans and salad - completely, 100% free! :)

If you have the jacket with tuna, it'd be free too. But if it's tuna mayo you'd have to syn it. My consultant once told me that in an average jacket with mayo theres about 20 syns, due to the amount of full-fat mayo used.


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Definately will avoid it then if its not plain tuna, when I'm making my own i use the lighter than light mayo so its fine. Note to self... do not hit snooze button lol.

Thanks again ladies :)


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I went for plain tuna with lettuce, cucumber, tomato's and pepper's... was lush and I take it all syn free :)


I will be a Princess!
I went for plain tuna with lettuce, cucumber, tomato's and pepper's... was lush and I take it all syn free :)

Yep, all syn free! Provided they don't put any butter in the jacket potato :)

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