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Slight Change of Plan...

*Runs and hides from Yambabe*

Well stepping off a plane into Germany is like a curse for me and it generally comes with the attitude of stuff the diet..:break_diet:im eating...however its not all bad..tonight I have had one meal and couldnt eat all of it anyway as was full after a few mouthfuls so shouldnt be too much damage.

I am aiming for damage limitation. Tomorrow is my best friends bfs birthday and we shall be celebrating with him so I have decided to take tonight and tomorrow off...Enjoy it, not worry but try and eat sensibly and not binge like I normally would and then back to it on Sunday. I fully expect to gain weight tomorrow so I am hoping on my weigh in on Tuesday I will be the same weight as this morning...:innocent0001:

That should be possible with one full day plus night off and then two full days of total solution...

Anyways hope u all have a great weekend..I know I am going to enjoy myself - i love germany!!! :D All I have to do is do something i never have done and diet while in germany on sunday and monday...easy right???? :rolleyes::eek:
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A New Woman
Good luck hun! The important thing is YOU are in control and YOU have taken charge and made YOUR choices. Before you'd have binged and let your appetite take over, but you are conscious of what you're doing. Good for you and enjoy your weekend xxx


Are We There Yet?
I hope you have a lovely time :) You seem to have a plan, so stick to it!lol x
Oooooo whereabouts in Germany?

You may be suprised. You can always start again when you get back. I think Yambabe will be having her diet severely tested this weekend too !

I have sat through a week with my Mum & 2 Sisters with them eating, EATING Eating all the time, and buying sweets from a traditional sweetshop, which was teh worst test of my patience.
I had to hide their bag of sweets behind some picture frames as they were "calling" to me ;D


Are We There Yet?
It is amazing how food knows names lol...I often hear 'Sophie, eat me' luckily, not at all this week lol

You have doon sooo well Magggie! Well done x
Maggie u have done amazingly well and well done for resisting. :D

Right I have had my day of fun but surprisingly I have not had the urge to binge, I have eaten yes, I have had treats but in a "normal" way. Normally when I havent eaten for a few days I turn into the green eyed monstor and eat everything in sight. I even turned down brekkie this morning and had a shake instead...:eek: I have also not been able to finish meals and have quite happily said no to second helpings. The only major thing which may have an impact is a piece of strawberry cake that my friends bfs mum had made, it seemed rude not to try a piece but I did make her cut it really small and said no to seconds..:eek:

The only annoying thing is I have eaten because I felt like I should and not because I actually wanted to (first thing mz friend did when we stepped off the plane was take us to a restaurant!). If I was at home, I would have happily gone through the weekend not eating as havent been hungry at all!! I feel like a stuffed animal at moment and havent eaten anywhere near my normal amount of food!

Back to total stolution tomorrow as planned..:)


Are We There Yet?
Well done Dream! You have done damage limitation very well.....and very naturally from the sound of it :)
Sounds like you are coping brilliantly, combining having a great time with not going over the top. This is all part of the learning process for maintenance further down the line and it's all good! ;)

Enjoy the rest of your holiday and the time you are getting to spend with your mate.
Hi - I went out on Friday night for major celebrations, and like you, found I was really full very quickly. However, unlike you, I did turn into a woman possessed and managed to force in turkish delight, chocolate, biscuits and cider!!!! - I felt sooooo ill the day after. I don't think it was the booze, I believe it was the crap food I ate.
I spoilt my night out at a Pink concert last night as my stomach was creating havoc and was really painful.

There is a lesson that I have learnt though - it's so not worth it - and I can't see me doing that again.
I am straight back on total and feel that I can make much better choices next week when I have more meals out knowing the consequences of making bad decisions.

I am looking forward to Thursday when I can go total 100% again right up to my holidays.
I just hope the scales aren't too punishing on Weds after my little detour.

Enjoy the rest of your time away
Struggling now....

Well my plan didnt quite go the way I expected. I had a shake this morning for brekkie and a bar for lunch but we have been visiting lots of my friends family who wanted to see me and everyone of them produced cake!!! :eek:

All I have been saying is NO all day long, felt like a right grumpy, ungrateful cow, until come 7pm German time I finally gave in and had a small cherry muffin. My friends Aunt brought me chocoates and I have had one of the bars of that too...grrr...I was doing so well and feel like I have given in to temptation! However its also annoying as I had prewarned my friend that I was going to be dieting before I came yet everything planned has involved food and has been really difficult up to this point!! :cry:I havent fully been able to enjoy it because I have been trying to control myself...this diet is hard enough without food being put in front of you all the time, why do people make it so hard for you!!! :mad:

I am admitting defeat tonight, trying to control myself - off to a BBQ soon and hopefully will be able to be back on Total tomorrow as I think we are having a restful day which doesnt involve people.

If not, I am going to start again at home on Tuesday, forget this week ever happened and just hope and pray I am not heavier than when I started at the beginning of the week...:break_diet:


Are We There Yet?
Hi Dream

You always knew it would be a difficult move starting a diet the week you were going away.

I think Tuesday will be a good day to put a line under it. Just relax a little. As you don't want to come back feeling you didn't get to enjoy it AND may have put on weight. You need one or the other or neither and not both lol

Hope you enjoy the bbq. Friends can be frustrating where diets are concerned. But adorable all at the same time :)


is slowly shrinking

if one thing u learn is not beat yourself up, just get back on again asap, i am only day 5 and climbing the walls, i am so hungry, but not giving up as yet, this is so hard so don;t beat yourself up even more. we are all human, but kick start again and good luck x:(
Well done dream, I know it may not seem like it but I think you've done really well this weekend! I've been at home and I've really wanted to cheat all weekend so being away and only eating what you have is not bad at all! Goodluck to starting again Tuesday, just think if you hadn't of started last week you'd probably be heavier this week so at least they've counteracted eachother! (if that makes sense)! think I've got exante brain x
Thanks everyone for your words of support and encouragement.

Isis you are right, friends are adorable but annoying when it comes to diets too. They mean well, but often it doesnt turn out to be right! My friend is great, she understands a weight problem as has one herself and likes me for me, but sometimes I think we would like it if each other stayed big..if u get my meaning! :rolleyes:

Calligas - well done for getting to day 5! Thats amazing, keep up the good work. Im trying not to beat myself up, Im more irritated than anything as I have been here so many times before!! hehe :)

Andrea - I am trying to focus on that, if I hadnt have started when I did I probably would have been heavier AND wouldnt have had the control so would have put on double the weight. I am pleased for that on small piece of saving grace though!! :)

I only usually come to Germany once a year so I have a whole year to get the weight off before coming back here again. My next holiday is Majorca in 4weeks HOWEVER thats with family and mostly involves sitting by a pool all day and I will have my Mum watching me and they wont constantly put food in front of me...so WILL be able to do total through that. In Germany the food has been done FOR me, so it makes it even worse if you say no! :eek:

Heres hoping the scales are kind to me on Tuesday!!


Are We There Yet?
I know exactly what you mean :) Makes for a comfortable friendship xxx
Back from Germany now...tomorrow is a new day and a new start for me!!! :)

Wish me luck..here is to another three days of headaches!!! arrrgghh!!!


A New Woman
You've walked this road before luv so chin up, put Germany behind you, nose to the grind and the week will be over before you know it. Good luck!

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