Slight difference in my face? (pics included)

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by xSinead, 8 March 2012 Social URL.

  1. xSinead

    xSinead Silver Member

    I started cambridge diet last friday (first weigh in is tomorrow) but i can notice a little difference in my face.. what do you think?

    A couple of weeks ago..

    Me today..
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  3. Samprand

    Samprand WILL do it!

    Definitely a difference! You look slimmer at the sides of your face by your chin. Keep it up x
  4. Balboa

    Balboa Determined!

    Absolutely! You look great, keep it up! X
  5. Whovian_gal

    Whovian_gal Looking for the blue box

    Definitely! Around the chin for sure :)
  6. Lushlash

    Lushlash Silver Member

    Yes you can definitely see the difference, well done x
  7. soooom

    soooom Full Member

    Yes your cheeks and chin look noticeably thinner. You look tiny all over tbh
  8. xSinead

    xSinead Silver Member

    Thank you everyone!! The weight is coming off me, got such a long way to go though! xx
  9. Rod the Bass

    Rod the Bass The Outlaw Torn

    looking good kid, keep it up

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