Slight hiccup!


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Hello All,
Have not been on the board for a while, as I had to go to a 3 day conference in Stratford Upon Avon (hotel with everything laid on!)
Then my Sister and brother-in Law arrived for a 2 night stay as soon as I got back.
I managed at the conference, by having my shakes in my room and being with a very supportive colleague, who was fine with me just sitting there at meals, not eating. It was very hard though, coz everything looked gorgeous and the drink was free! :cry:
The problem was the visit from my Sister, she doesn't know about the LT. They have obviously noticed my weight loss, coz I saw them 4 weeks ago and they were gobsmacked, but I just said a friend and I were doing low calorie together (not really a lie!)

I didn't want to share it with her, as her daughter is extremely seriously ill, and she would only worry about VLCDs being unhealthy and stress about it. Plus, they would feel bad about eating in front of me, and I just needed to keep them stress free as much as possible. :break_diet:
Anyway, I tried to keep any damage to a minimum, and they've gone back today, so I'm back on the shakes and water.
I missed my WI on Friday due to being away, so will get a double one this Friday. (hope any damage will be gone by then)
I'm not looking forward to the feeling of getting back into ketosis, but I've done it before, and know what to expect.
I'll tell you what though, being able to go into Dorothy Perkins while I was away and buy a jacket with a nipped-in waist, is the BEST feeling, loads better than the feeling of eating a doughnut or chips!! :bliss:
So, here I am, back at the "coal face" of LT and Minimins until 14th December, when I start the pre-Christmas re-feed (and then back on it from 2nd Jan till target weight!)
Glad to be back with all of you lovely peeps, lots of love, :sign0168::grouphugg:
Cathy xxxx
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Hi Cathy,welcome back! hope this week goes well for you & your WI on friday is a good one...good luck!!! caz xx


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Cheers Carmel! looks like our start weight and losses are similar, well done to you. xxxx


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Welcome back hun, day 1 for me too after a shocking virus for a fortnight so heres to cold turkey for us 2 :)


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It's great to see you back Cathy. Good luck for the WI on Friday. :D


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Thanks Pearly and Kilobel, day one is nearly over now, so here goes for day two! xx


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hi cathy nice to see you back all the best for the wi

xx sharron


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All the best with your wi, hope it goes well for ya