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slightly annoyed!


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S: 18st8lb C: 13st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 5st1lb(27.31%)
Hi all,

At what a beautiful Saturday it is.

Just thought i would have a little vent!! My Wi in was yesterday i only lost 1/2lb....happy with that. I had a VV bad week!

ANyway i was updating my ticker and thought i would just check my card to make sure i tally up! Well my ticker is right and the kg on my card is right. but the conversion to stones and lb is wrong!!

she told me that at 85.90kg i weigh 13 stones 7. but i just done a conversion and it is infact 13 stones 5. GRRRRR

I still only lost half cos i converted lst weeks and i was 13.51/2 not 13 71/2.

going back on my card i found that the week i started back i lost 6lb and not 4.

So how can she be soo wrong. and out by 2lb. to me that means a lot.

Anyway i am off to shop for some new knickers now.....mine keep falling down haha
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I have had a similar problem, the pharmacist (or shop assistant) in my case converts the kg's to lb's each week but rounds them to the nearest figure, this week she said i'd lost six lb's but when I calculated it at home and looked at the totals as a whole it was a different story so I wrote down that I had lost 5 to catch up. Does this make sense?, probably not but I think when we are paying so much money they should be able to get it right, do thay not realise thay EVERY lb is important to us


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Its shocking that these people can sell this diet with their little knowledge. As most of you know... i could only get 3 weeks of LT when i was in the UK for a few days in January and went around 3 different chemists in my area to get as much as i could to bring back to Canada... The first one was very good admitedly but the second and third i visited i was astonished at how little these people actually know about this diet!! I knew more about it than they did, despite never having done it before and them selling it!
Anyway, the third i went to was a complete joke, they couldnt find their file, then their scales wernt working properly and then they couldnt add up how much i actually weighed in stones and lbs as their scales were only in lbs. Fair enough, i cant work it out in my head but they should have a conversion sheet in their file or something that is easy enough to work out and wont leave people dissapointed with 'false results' in the end i got my phone out and worked it out myself as they didnt even have a calculater to do it!!! Ive heard they only get half a days training on LT. They would be better off coming on this forum for half a day rather than training that really isnt much use.


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OOh that would annoy me too! These numbers are a bloody big deal to us when we work so hard for them!!
My pharmacy explained the weight thing to me as I started and said that they get given a sheet by LT (showed it me) and said that they have to covert the weights exactly as set out on the sheet.. 'apparently' it works itself out and evens out in the longrun.. but dont know how! LOL! I see my weight, it goes on my card in kilos and then they look at the sheet and write it down in lbs for me and what I have lost.. I dont know if its an exact conversion... hmmm!!! Off to check now and see if my kilo weight and lb weight tally! brb perhaps! LOL! xx

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