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Slightly confused!

Hi all,

Started CD just over two weeks ago and I'm slightly confused by the messages I'm getting from my body!

I've followed it 100% but I still have a rumbly tum. And yet when I sit down to eat my pack, after a couple of spoons, I really struggle to eat the rest, I feel full and the thought of continuing to eat almost makes me gag!

Has anyone else experienced the same and if so, any advice on how to get over this?

Thanks for listening!

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I've only had this when I haven't liked the pack (ie all the porridges I hate and can't have!) Do you enjoy all the packs? I'm only on day 7 and am getting a pretty good idea as to what I like now and will stick to those rather than the ones I don't like xx


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I still get a rumbly tum too. Mine is most often caused by drinking fizzy water :eek: BUT another cause for tummy rumblings and hunger type pangs is that the stomach still produces acid and digestive juices, regardless of whether it's been fed real food or shakes. It functions automatically in anticipation of a meal. So although you're in ketosis and real hunger isn't an issue false hunger can still be a problem, but it helps you to identify that all tummy rumblings and hunger type pangs aren't always related to actually being hungry.

The only time I ever pay any attention to these feelings is if it's approaching meal times, when it's probably genuine hunger! Hope this helps x


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try splitting your shakes in 2 and having 6 a day - confuses that rumbly tum anticipating a meal nicely - and easier to cope with 1/2 a pack sometimes!
Thanks everyone - some great advice there!

I particularly like the splitting the packs idea - that makes great sense.

On a lighter note, I worried myself slightly last night - I was feeding the cat and as I was dishing up his food, I caught myself think, "Mmm, this smells really appetising!" Puss better watch out, I may be attacking his bowl soon!


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