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Attack Slightly dissapointed but nit giving up.


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As you may have read, I restarted my attack phase on Tuesday. Well, Tuesday afternoon. I worked through the night on Monday night which is never good for me and I was eating sweets, sandwiches etc although not as much as I would've eaten before my first attack phase. That went on in the early hours of Tuesday morning too (anything to help stay awake). So on Tuesday afternoon when i woke up I restarted knowing that if I waited until Wednesday, it might not have happened. Unfortunately my restart coincided with TOTM and a painful one at that. Yesterday I hardly ate anything as it was so bad. I jumped on the scales this morning and was so disappointed to find I'd lost less than a lb. I weighed 11st 3lb to start and this morning 11st 2.1lb. I have no intentions of letting my disappointment stop me from doing the diet, I guess I just hoped for a bit more. Maybe 2lb.
I am supposed to do attack for 4 days so I need to decide, as I started on Tuesday afternoon, whether to do 3.5 days or 4.5 days. I'm thinking 4.5 as then Sunday will be my first PV day so I can have a cooked dinner.
Sorry for the long rant guys.
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You have probably lost more than you think, simply because it takes a few days of TOTM to shed the water that your body stores are your progestrone level rise in the run up.

Also - you have a low starting weight (which means you won't see huge drops on weight) - so are you sure you should be doing as many days of attack? Did you check on the Dukan site to get a figure.

2 days (3 at most) are probably enough.


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Hi. Yeah I went on the dukan diet website. I'm supposed to do 4 days of attack followed by 76 days of cruise then 109 days on conso. Think I'm due to move onto stab on boxing day or the day after. Poor timing.
I go on holiday (first time abroad in about 7 years, maybe more) on 2nd Feb so I want to get to and stay at my final weight for then.
The end of my attack coincided also with the TOTM. In attack, I lost 5 pounds. When I woke up on the fifth morning to begin cruise I had gained back 4! It was all water weight, but yes, it was defeating. Several days into my period, I woke up and had dropped 3 pounds over night! :)
The same thing happened this month where I didn't gain weight but I lost nothing. Again, after a week or so the weight started coming off again-easier this time than last month. I am drinking more water, using less salt, etc to combat retention.
Don't give up! Being a girl just isn't fun sometimes...;)

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