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Slightly frozen chicken...

Hi, I just went to my fridge and it's somehow started freezing everything.:sigh:

I have some chicken thighs I was going to do for lunch but they're half frozen...what should I do with them? Sorry if I sound stupid but do I need to let them thaw completely before cooking or can I cook it as it is? Same with the turkey mince...

Any advice appreciated, I'm not a good cook and don't want to poison us all.:8855:
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Silver Member
try taking them out of the fridge for a while if they have only just started to freeze it wont take long for them to thaw out, but i definatly wouldnt cook them until totally defrosted


Will be thin god dammit!!
And may i suggest turning your fridge down a bit - Must be too cold!
Yes thank you, I just need to figure out if 1 or 5 is warmer... I think one of the children must have been playing.:mad:


Will be thin god dammit!!
on mine the higher number is the warmest so 1 would be too cold x


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My fridge did exactly the same at the weekend!!! Had to chuck loads of salad stuff and veg out. I reckon I'd knocked the knob on mine when I cleaned it after my last shop - that'll teach me to clean the fridge!!!

On mine its from 1-4 and 4 is the coldest
I've just found a bag of carrots in the bottom that are rock solid. I'm thinking carrots won't thaw very well.:rolleyes:


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see I would have put it in warm water & then cooked it..maybe that was why I had food poisoning a while ago....lost 7 pounds in a week though so there was an up side to being VERY ill......:8855:
Good plan Circes thanks.:D

Well I'm about to eat the chicken dun dun duuuuun....If I go very quiet it's because it killed me.:p

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