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Slightly nervous now


hoping for a good loss
Off to get my initial weigh in and measurements done tomorrow and start on Cambridge.

Am excited, but also scared. I know the first week will be the hardest until ketosis kicks in, but having never done this sort of diet before (have tried everything else though) I am a little apprehensive.

You will all probably find me on here a lot over the next few weeks and months waffling about diddly-squat. Anything to keep me away from temptation.

I want my husband be be proud of me (I know he is already), but I don't want to be fat for his 40th birthday in June. Or at least not as fat. 6 months and 6 stone to go. Will try hard to acheive this, but won't be too depressed if I don't as it is a pretty tall order.

Need your support ladies and gents.

See, am waffling already lol

Charlie xx
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Lovin it !!! :)
Good Luck for tomorrow.
It is hard to start but keep on drinking the water, think of the end result & you will be fine xx
Hi Charlie and welcome :)

Waffle all you like!!! Anything to help you keep on the straight and narrow

6 in 6 is very doable !!! Just get your head down and focus on the goal. !!

I love this diet 7 months in and I'm still going strong and looking at my goal now :)

You can do it!


please try again
hey hun, good luck for tomorrow you will be fine

for the first week find things to distract you so go for a walk, take a bath, paint your nails, play games or come on here for support and to watch the inspiration slide show

before you know it you will be doing the happy dance on the scales at your first weigh in
Looking forward to following your progress Charlie! :)

...do come on here and waffle til the cows come home! :) ..it really helps, and people want to hear.. so Go for it!.. and, yes, MrsEssex is right - 6 stone in 6 months IS doable.. :D ..just follow the plan, and know that you will be likely to average about a stone a month..

..what a wonderful gift to yourself as well as to your hubby :)



hoping for a good loss
Well have started, although not been to see CDC yet. 1 hour till that. Have started on the water, but no more now till intial weigh in.

Bye bye fat me,

Thanks for all your messages, I really appreciate it.

Charlie xx


Going for Goal!
Hi Hun,
Welcome to CD :) You have every right to feel apprehensive, as this diet is very challenging and not for some people. My look on CD is a 'routine' job. You DO get used to it. The first 3 days I would say are the most difficult - you will feel hungry. In that situation drink water, black tea/coffee and it will get your tummy feeling fuller. Once you are in ketosis, you will always feel 'just right' and content, rather than bloated/full.
6 stone in 6 months is achievable if you stick with 100% ss :) I can not describe the feeling of going to weigh in and actually looking forward to being weighed! Then it really does all come apparent why when you will step on those scales and see the huge weight losses. This in itself often spurs you on to keep going.
It's true that some days can be hard, but there are often ways to help how you are feeling - minimins is a good place to start! Sometime just hearing from other people who are in the same boat is a help. In your normal everyday life you can sometimes feel very alone in what you are doing, but on minimins that's not the case at all!
Looking forward to getting to know you and helping you along your journey :):):)
Big Hugs x x x

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
Hey hun how's it going? Nearly through day 1.


hoping for a good loss
IS going good thanks. Scales were really scarey as was the measurements but I AM NEVER EVER GOING BACK THERE AGAIN.

Not looking forward to work tonight as I always struggle with food and work, but will just drink loads of water and distract myself with caring for the patients - makes me sound like I don't normally care for them lol.

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!

It's gonna be a good one for us. x x


hoping for a good loss
It certainly will be Jooles, we can do this. With support from Sue, support from each other and support from the lovely people on here, we will be super slim before long
.. I take it work went ok then - congratulations - sounds like you're getting through the hardest of the early stages!



Silver Member
Hi, I hope things are going well for you. Your goal is perfectly reachable and you can enjoy getting weighed each week and seeing those numbers go down - it's the best feeling ever!

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
Hiya, how's it going today? Another day nearly over. You'll be in ketosis in no time!

D-day for me tomorrow so getting a little nervous now!! x x


hoping for a good loss
Is going ok, am actually very suprised. Although have been feeling hungry today and struggling with that.

Made the kids dinner earlier, I love Lasagne and was really hard cooking it knowing I couldn't eat it.

Am going to have an early night tonight too as I just want to eat lol. Thankfully Philip is home and I can't cheat with him here, not that I would want to cheat but you know what I mean.

Thanks for asking guys

Charlie xx

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