Slim and save oldie


I’ve done sns many many times you it’s the best vlcd plan
Cheaper flavours better great support and a fab online food tracker and weight tracker

I’ve been on and off it as I’m a yoyier I have lost about 800lbs + in 30 years in chucks of 20-70 lbs every year and back in and off and in and off

Lowest weight since 1992 was 120 lbs highest was in 2008 244 lbs

So I love keto but my weightloss is slow and yes slow is good but for someone who was a size 12 1/2 the year and a size 20 the other its not fast enough lol

So I’m judged by everyone around me for my weight

So I avoid going out Size 20 and always out Size 14

I’m about a size 18-20 non elasticised clothes atm so I did Dukan this year weightwatchers the kee diet keto 3 times calorie counting
So I was 182 lbs Dec 25 th I then was 222 lbs Feb 2018 then yo and down.
So 21 st June I was 218.5 lbs
Started keto
Last week I was 209 lbs this week 100% 210.5 lbs

I’m 48 and near menopause so I need to get my self sorted I can’t afford gastric surgery 🙄 SO sns order was placed.
I’m staying in keto so I don’t gain again and I don’t have to do keto flu I will start sns Thursday coming that’s 26 th July 2018
If I can afford it I’ll do 8-12 weeks
If not I’ll do it until I can afford to them switch back to keto

I’d lie to be 150lbs so that’s 60 lbs still to go go

So if you’d like a buddy to dinthisbwith and keep it off I’d love to be your buddy 🤤
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Eating Like A Bear plus!
S: 22st10.6lb C: 19st4lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 43.6 Loss: 3st6.6lb(15.25%)
Hi there! I'm rather heavier than you - but happy to keep you company for 60lbs.


Hi thanks I am still umming about sns got my order but I do keto and fasting and not sure what’s best lol

How are you doing ?


Eating Like A Bear plus!
S: 22st10.6lb C: 19st4lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 43.6 Loss: 3st6.6lb(15.25%)
Lostit: I don't think it matters what you do if you are getting results. And there is no best - except what your gut (!) tells you! No meal replacement system is easy - as you've the phasing back in food. Keto is possibly easier to sustain fullterm. Btw, 1.5lbs up last week can be just in the variations for keto - or could be that you need to lower the calorie intake for the lower energy requirement of your trimmer body. So why not start tracking your food if you haven't and posting regularly to keep your keto super low carbs?