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Slim fast and Xenical?? Anyone Else?

Hi guys,

Just wanted to ask if anyone knows if we can take Xenical and do Slim Fast??

I've looked at the nutritional info (thanks Aby!) and there's around 2g per 100g/ml and about 6g in the whole shake, so there IS fat there to warrant me taking the tab....

Just wanted to hear views from people / advice if you're on both etc.....

I've been doing cal counting for last two weeks, but with a new baby I think that this would be simpler, easy to stick to and fab for when i go bk to work.

I thought I'd give it a go for a week and if its not TOO bad, I was gonna alternate between that one week, cal counting "normal" foods the next, just to mix things up a bit. After all, SlimFast IS cal counting isnt it...just helps you stick to it.


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I was actually perscribed orlistat by my doc back in March when I got into the right frame of mind to shift this weight lol! I said to him I was thinking of going back on slimfast again as had worked before, and he said there was no reason I couldn't do both.

BUT, I found with the slimfast shakes and low fat dinners/snacks I actually wasn't eating enough fat for the orlistat to have any of the nasty side effects, so obviously wasn't taking any fat out, although it does make you stop eating anything fatty!!!

I did stop taking it after a few weeks as I had a weird side effect from it! My feet, then legs, then hips started to really hurt. I then started to get red blotches like weird bruising in them, so stopped taking it right away as was obviously having some strange effect on me. Once i came off it the pain went almost straight away and so did the red blotches after a little while.

But apart from the 'poilceman' effects of it, making you stay on plan and not eat anything you should, there isn't any need to take it with slimfast.
Oh blimey! those side effects dont sound nice! i'll keep an eye out for them! thanks for this post Stirky - and well done on your weight loss!
Gonna give SF and xenical a go then, starting today!


p.s I dont get any "nasty" side effects from my normal cal counting menu either, only if i deviate from low fat meals and have something fatty! xx
Good luck, yes it certainly does keep you on the straight and narrow lol!

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