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Hi everyone - :sign0144:

I am new to the site. As you can see I am on slimfast and have been for nearly six weeks. I have so far lost 11lbs. I bet my sister that I could lose 1st 7lbs before her and I am winning so far (she has lost 5lbs). I want to try to lose 8lb by the end of February and wondered whether anyone would like to join in?

Thanks for reading.

:scale: every Monday so I'll keep you all updated.
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Hi FeelingFat,


Welcome and well done on your weight loss to date:happy096:

Good luck with your Slim Fast Challenge.

I look forward to seeing how you do.

Love Mini xxx
I'm on CD but good luck with your challenge - hope another Slimfaster comes along soon to keep you company :)


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Aaawwwwwwwwwww don't cry:hug99:

If I come across anyone else doing Slim Fast today I will let them know about your challenge.

Love Mini xxx
HI Feelingfat,

I am doing the slimfast diet also now on my fifth day, good to hear your loosing weight keep it up i'll be happy if i could loose the same as your doing. I am aiming to loose about 45 pounds in total so 7lbs a month will do nicely. Its my first weigh in on monday so ive got to tackle the weekend first. Wishing us all good luck.
Thanks for the replies everyone. I have to lose about 28lbs :eek: still but am taking each day at a time.

To recap then
FF vowes to lose 8lb
Walkingtessa vowes to lose 7lb
luckybug vowes to lose 7lb.

I weigh 13st 2lb on Monday and I'll let you all know on Monday. Keep at it everyone. As for Bridge Jones pants after two kids I won't wear anything else!

Good luck everyone. :)
Which meals are you replacing with Slim-Fast?
I started slimfast last year and I was 16 stone, I got down to 13 stone, but in a year a stone creeped back on, not bad really with the amount of alcohol and pizzas I ate, but now I'm 14 stone ish again, I would really love to get down to 11 stone, I just haven't been able to get motivated since xmas, but this might just be the incentive I need. Glad to hear others are doing the SF diet, I thought I was the only one..
I will weigh myself next Saturday,
So my first weigh in will be 16th February.
Hi everyone,
My SF diet is:
Shake/Smoothie for breakfast
Soup/bar for lunch plus two packets of slimfast pretzels
600 calorie meal for tea.
Low fat yoguart - 80 calories.

I try to drink 2l of water a day too - but not always successfuly. I hardly drink alcohol as I have two children - one who still gets up at night.

This is my second time on slimfast the first time I lost 3.5 stone. Have lost 11lb already and would like to realistically lose another 2 stone but we will see.

Good luck everyone - the good thing about SF is it is flexible so if you go out for lunch you just swap around and have your shake for tea instead.

Weigh in again on monday
hi everyone, i'm new to this also but starting to get very upset with myself for getting this fat. i'm also registed on the slim-fast web-site but find it seems to take forever for your replies to some on screen :rolleyes:. howere today i've only had 3 milkshakes all day. i know i should eat a meal but i'm going away first weekend in march, just for the weekend but everyone will be skinny. i'll end up getting narked and not wanting to go out. i've also decided to go to my gp tomorrow for some slimming pills. everyone seems to be on these xenical or something. i'm thinking with slim-fast and these it'll give me a kick up the bum to help me start loosing weight. then maybe, just maybe i'll pluck up the corrage to take my 6 year and 1 year old swimimng. i'd love to now, but even a black cozzy i'm still not having it. i weighed 15 stone 3 two friday's ago, then friday gone weighed 14 stone 13. blip over the weekend, well after i'd weighed myself, ate my sones cadbury selection box whislt watching trial and retribushion what i'd taped from the night before. saturday ended up being macdonlads then pizza on the night. hence today i've stared myself. everyone else had a sunday dinner. my son turned his nose up at my £8 free range organic chick, could of stuffed it down his throat dad ate though. weighed myself tonight after getting out of shower. weighed 15 stone 7 near the door then moved to left a bit 15 stone 3 then near the sink 14 stone 6. a whole bloody stone just by moving the scales 3 steps to the left. felt brill until i caught a glimpse of my naked bo in the mirror (not good:eek:) have now put them in the main bathroom and will but them on the same floor tile everytime. right wish me look slimmers here we go :) (loving these smiley face things-can you tell)
Hi everyone

:scale:Weighed in this morning and have lost another 2lbs. Thats 13lbs of fat lost forever!

And guess what, we have set the date for our wedding - we are getting married on the 22nd August 2009 so I have something to aim for now. :love047:

I now weigh 13st and can't wait until next week when I am back in the twelves.

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