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Slimfast instead of Lipotrim?


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A friend of my neighbour asked me about lipotrim as she has a bit of weight to lose, so I gave her all the info and she went to the pharmacy to get her supply of lipotrim. Anyway, my neighbour says that her friend was getting a few headaches on it (which I had at the start also) so she went back to the pharmacists after a few days and he told her she could come off it and to use Slimfast (using water instead of milk) and the weight should come off similar to Lipotrim.

What's that all about????
Does this mean we could save a fortune by just doing Slimfast, using water instead??
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I actually think slim fast is more expensive, if you were buying it for the week. I not sure, but I would thik slimfast doesnt have all the nutrients needed as a TFR because you are supposed to eat a balanced meal too. Sounds a bit dangerous to me. And apart from that I cant imagine what the shakes would tast like with water!! (yuck) :)


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Yeah the first week is rough, headaches and stuff. It's just your body coming off carbs. I don't think that Slimfast has all the needed nutrition like LT CD or W8 as Slimfast is supposed to be two shakes plus a meal.


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yep exactly, Headaches are a side effect of going into ketosis... its a good sign really
When I spoke to my doctor ages ago about Lipotrim, I mentioned Slimfast and he said it was a huge NO,NO, using the slimfast formula instead of Lipotrim and Slimfast isnt meant to be used as TFR, it should just be used as a slimming aid.

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i never had a headache when i started i actually have found the whole thing quite easy and im a good routine now


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I have lots of good things to say about slimfast as I lost my first 2 stone using it, but it is expensive at times and the losses are slow. I also found myself very hungry on it as the formular contains a lot of sugar/carbs so you would not go into Ketosis.


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Can you take headache tablets on LT?


It really does work! :)
I spoke to my chemist about using slimfast when on the maintenance and he said it's not designed to work the same. It's high in sugar content, so would not help at all, especially if you'd already been on LT.

It's designed specifically to be used as stated with a low calorie set meal and not used as TFR.

Headaches are par for the course on LT (at least they were for me anyway), but you get over them.
I tried slimfast because it was cheaper if you use the big tubs of powder, works out about £4 for 12 servings. Put water instead of milk in it, it did not work as I felt so hungry, by the end of the day
Hi one day last week I forgot my LT shake for lunch :( I thought the best thing to do was to buy a slimfast ready made drink instead. What a mistake it tasted awfull and quite sugary and didnt fill me up as much as the LT ones usually do. I think they dotn have as many nutrients either.


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jojo why did you drink that for?
tut tut!!

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