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I would like to lose 7lbs as this is my first week., and if I can lose 12 in the first month I will be over the moon. I have no will power at all so will need all the support I can get.


Needs a kick
I am going for my final 4 ibs.... but like FF hopefully more as I may change my end goal weight.
FF just noticed you did your mini challenge and lost 3ib more than you wanted, Congratulations misses!

Lizz good luck with SF you will get lot's of support from this site. Keep us posted on your progress xx


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By the end of June i would like to be 12.7, so to lose another 10lb from now.

Might have to put alot more exercise effort in to do this.............lol
Hi guys,
I'm aiming for 5lbs. Trying to be realistic because my losses are slowing down. Going to try to step it up and be super strict this month because summer is coming :D

BL x
Hello everyone *waves*!
I'm new here but would love to join in with the June challenge - I have been doing SF for a week and have lost 4lbs, in June I would love to lose 10lbs so that it will be a stone in total. I have no idea if this is possible....but I will give it my best shot ;)

Charlotte x
Hi FF,
I stayed the same too but I'm not really bothered because I have pigged out like crazy the last couple of weeks.

Btw your dress is gorgeous! I've just had a sneaky peek and its amazing. Makes me want to find a man so I can wear something like that! hehe!

Good luck everyone with their challenges this week

BL x
Hi FF,

How do you manage to keep losing every week i have stayed the same for 3 weeks now (not happy) hehe.

Really strugling any one got any suggestions


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Staying the same

I am not sure. Sometimes I stay the same but it is only when I've not been so good that week. What I then do is just cut down a bit more which makes the next week better. Keep your chin up it will start coming off again.
Louise could you increase your exercise? Hopefully that would increase your metabolism and get you past the plateau your on.

What are you having for your meal and snacks? Are there any healthier options? Maybe with less fat?

Other than that I don't know what to suggest. Fingers crossed for you!

BL x
Thanks BL, im in the gum every morning sweating haha.

Tend to stick to pots and vegatables
Really don't know what to suggest Louise. You don't have any medical conditions which makes it harder to lose weight? I have underactive thyroid and polycystic ovary syndrome which makes it harder to lose weight.

Are you making sure you are eating enough? Your not in starvation mode are you? What are your measurements like? Are you shrinking?

BL x
Yeah I keep trying to remember if they are on holiday. Is Sattsy in Greece? Ugg isn't on holiday is she?
Where is everyone? Bookworm? Luckybug? Serem? :cry:
Chatting with everyone keeps me on the straight and narrow. Come on guys come back to us and get nattering! :D

BL x


Needs a kick
Hi guys, I'm sorry for lack of posts. I've come out in a awful skin infection and on antibiotics :cry: To top it all off i've put on a pound but had a wicked weekend far too much alcohol and pizza!
Hope every one is having a better week so far than me.....xx

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