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Needs a kick
My target is 5 ibs also.
Good luck everybody xx
Im going to aim for 4kg's as off to greece in June so really want to get under 80kg!
Hope i lose this week, been really good and ive gone back to the gym in the mornings
and evenings.

Im back on track for definate, just thinking 8 wks sat till i go away
Here goes.............. I want to lose 7 lbs at least.
I have actually gained 4 lbs in April................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7th May.............
14th May...........
21st May...........
28th May...........


Needs a kick
Good luck for weigh in lousie xx
Thanks Ugg, fell a bit down today, been excellent all week, ive been to the gym in the morning and in the night and ive put a pound on

Cant believe it

i get to 12.6 then put pound on 12.7 i cant get under 12.6.

Hi Louise,
Before I started SF I was losing weight through healthy eating and exercise and I would frequently do lots of exercise and it wouldn't show on the scales... then the next week I would have a great loss. Hopefully the same will happen for you. The scales might say a pound on but I bet you've lost inches (and thats what is most important when trying to look good for the summer!)
BL x
I hope to lose 5lbs this month, but since I started at the gym I seem to be going nowhere:sigh:. People tell me that I have toned up, but I would like to lose the weight as well!
No loss for me this week, but the inches have dropped off. I'm still in plaster so not moving so much, unable to take the dog, go to town etc. I'm not down hearted because I expected to slow up after losing a stone in a month. Good luck everyone!


Needs a kick
Louise, Don't give up! Your doing really well with all the exercise. Are you still doing your measurements ?? Just a thought but would you cut back slightly on some of the exercise, as everybody has said muscle weighs more than fat. Also if you struggle with the diet on a weekend (which I do) Change your weigh day to a Monday. Weigh in on tuesdays make me more conscious over the weekend.

BW well done for STS this week, Hope you'll be up and around soon. xx

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