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Needs a kick
thanks guys xx


Right to the 'point'
Well done everyone thus far. I may have a WI today (I had decided not to WI as I was struggling to get one for my normal time either Thur, Fri or Sat) if I am in the house around about my normal WI time of about 6pm.

Will keep you posted :)
Well the xmas party season draws near and I have bought my first pair of high heeled knee high boots! I did buy a very conservative checked skirt to go with them but have up graded to a very figure hugging little grey number.....with no lycra!!!!!!
Just need to be able to breath while wearing said skirt and will be looking hot for xmas!!!!
Onward with the shakes I feel!!
october challenge

I am so disappointed it took my til today to post.....stayed the same this week and with bank holiday this weekend and kids on mid term I have gone off the rails since weigh in.....help me please!
Deegirl......forget what yuo`ve eaten before and begin again starting........NOW!!!!! Take each day as it comes...if you balls up one day then start afresh tomorrow...don`t let one day ruin your week...we are all here to help....
Kim x
Thanks Kim...........I am back on track now have just spent all day doing housework, cleaning kids rooms washing floors etc....reckon I worked off some of the excesses!
Well done everyone we have had a good weight loss this month!!!

Well as we reach the final day in October its time for the last weigh in of the month! I lost 1.5 lbs this week. So grand total for Oct is 4.5 +1.5 +1.5 = 7.5lbs - woo hoo my goal was 4lbs so I am v happy. Off on a night out with my OH tonight so looking forward to being a grand total of 18.5lbs lighter!!! Somehow 11st 9.5lbs seems so different from 13st!
Roll on november - got to get to 10 stone something by xmas.

Cek x

16/08/08 - 13st START WEIGHT
23/08/08 - 12st 10lbs -4
30/08/08 - 12st 9lbs -1
06/09/08 - 12st 8lbs -1
13/09/08 - 12st 6lbs -2
20/09/08 - 12st 4 lbs -2
27/09/08 - 12st 3lbs -1
04/10/08 - 12st 3lbs STS
11/10/08 - 11st 12.5lbs -4.5
18/10/08 - 11st 12.5lbs - STS
25/10/08 - 11st 11lbs -1.5
31/10/08 - 11st 9.5lbs -1.5 TOTAL lost 18.5lbs
07/11/08 -
14/11/08 -
21/11/08 -
28/11/08 -
05/12/08 -
12/12/08 -
19/12/08 -
24/12/08 - XMAS EVE
Absolutely gutted, +2lb this week. TOTM and I know that I'm retaining a bit of water but 2 bloody pound!!!! I have stuck to my diet and been running so I am really pi**ed off with it this week lol. I did buy new scales but they're digital so they're more accurate than my old ones, this is obviously a bad, bad thing!
Don't worry Rachel - I always sts or put on apound around the TOTM. Also if u r running I bet you have increased your muscle and still burnt fat, remember muscle weighs more than fat!!!
Cek x
IMK is right with that exercise you've probably built a lot of muscle and though you've put lb's on you may have lost inches :) Shame you've just bought a new set of scales cos I'd have recommended the scales that I've got, Salter MiBody body analyser ones they have 2 silver strips on them and send a current through your body or something and then tell you the % of water and a muscle mass % in your body, they really are awesome but not cheap at £59.99
£59.99!!!! I'd want them to remove the fat for that price lol! Thanks though x I'm going to change my weigh in back to mondays aswell cause I think this might help keep me focussed rather than not exercising over the weekend cause I've already had my weigh i on the friday. I'm definitely more likely to get my weeble-like self down the gym if I have a monday weigh in hanging over me haha!
Anyone for a November challenge?

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