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Slimfast or Tesco's own?

Hey guys
My name is Justin,:wave_cry: I have lost weight on Slimming World but put it back on again plus more! :eek: I feel really dissapointed with myself and want to do something positive.
I want to start Slimfast or Tesco's own equivalent, What i wanted to ask was can i mix these 2 shakes (ready made form) if slimfast is on special, i would buy it and if not i would use Tesco's.
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Needs a kick
your'll have to try both, I was doing sf for a while and then tried tesco's brand and didn't like it. But I think it was because I was used to the taste of sf.
I don't see any problems with going from one to another as they work on the same theory. You may find once you start that one keeps you fuller for longer?
Good luck, keep us posted with your progress it helps for motivation.
Hayley :O)


Needs a kick
I haven't seen coffee but I think it depends on the store, I've seen choc and strawberry. Someone posted that they do hot choc which sounds yummy! :O)
I havent seen coffee flavour either. i use Tesco and slim fast - if its on offer and seems to work for me. i can only drink slim fast when its really cold tho, or i think it tastes funny! i take the individual cartons to work for breakfast and lunch and then if i'm at home you can make ur own which tastes better.
the tesco ones used to be 59p, bargain, but recently theyve gone up to 89p so slim flast works out cheaper if its on 3 for 2 at boots (plus if you are a member of the healthclub you get certain flavours for half price and 3 for 2!)
Hi Sharon
I did not see coffee flavour, only the usual ones, strawberry, choc, and vanilla.
I also went to Asda and they now do their own version of slimfast (slimtrim) or something like that? Cant remember how much they were? Cheaper than Tesco's own though.

Tesco's is the one for Slimfast at the moment, a six pack costs £4.65 and the individual bottles ar £0.85p both on offer untill 11/02/09. ;)

Thanks for looking for me, i don't get to Tesco very often. I'll have to stick with the Slimfast then, i'm a fussy sod and only like the coffee one. I've seen it in my local chemist BOGOF, not sure which chain it is i'll check tomorrow and post when i get home from work.

Sharon xoxo

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Thanks Hayley, I will go shopping tomorrow and get a weeks supply in, Im looking forward to starting it.
Thanks again. ;)

I got a slim fast tin from Tesco recently and it was down to £3 something.. as they're on special.. might be worth buying some in - remember to think of it as food and remember what you'd spend on food and the cost won't seem so bad. :)

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